Jax Taylor who is Schroeder’s ex-lover has done the un-thinkable, leaking a leaked masturbation sex tape of Stassi Schroeder on camera that was meant only for his eyes.

It all went down on Twitter after Stassi caught wind that a few sites including David at posted video of the actress pleasuring herself.

Stassi immediately went to Twitter claiming the woman in the video was not her, but then they posted more video that showed her face and this is where she changed her tune and attacked her ex Jax.

She later tweeted: “I can not believe that someone would stoop so low as to leak private footage meant for one single person in order to hurt the other person.” “You are the lowest scum bag I know and working with you in the future will never happen.” Talking about the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

The video is a solo video simply showing Stassi pleasuring herself while holding her phone and runs about 5 minutes total. But you do get to see her “Oh Face”. LOL

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