Von Miller Is Being Extorted For Millions After Making A Sex Tape In Cancun Mexico


Von Miller does in fact have a sex tape, that he made with a woman named Elizabeth Ruiz during a nice little vacation trip to Cancun Mexico.

Elizabeth recorded the couple having sex on her IPhone, and told Von that she would delete the footage after they watched it together.

Problem is, she did not go through with her promise, and instead tried to sell the video to several outlets including ourselves.

TMZ reports: “Miller says the woman recorded the sex on her cell phone — but he insisted at all times she keep it private. He claims he reached out to her after the trip and asked her to destroy the recording to which she replied, “Gotcha.” They also report that many feel like if the video leaks, it could be as big as the Kim Kardashian sex tape. We doubt that, but hey, one can dream right.

Elizabeth then had some of her people contact Von directly, asking for $2.5M in cash to “destroy” the video, only Von is not having it and filed legal docs to block the woman who lives in L.A. from going public with the tape.

We do have part of the video and are waiting on our attorneys on what we can do, if anything with the video. We will keep you posted, as we do not want to end up like Gawker.