• Stacy Lewis

    About damn time someone put all the sites that offer sex tapes into one single place to watch them all. It was so annoying trying to find celeb tapes, it would seem like one place would have it and the other would not. Good idea having them all in one, glad they worked with you guys. BRAVO!

    • Camille Kuzlong

      I agree, I don’t know how many times I have gone to pornhub or xvideos thinking it was the legit tape and turns out it was not because they do not have the license rights, just some kid uploading bullshit.

      • Sorenstein

        Pornhub and Xvideos never have the real videos and if they do, they only offer a short clip and not the entire video. These guys blow them all away, plus they are not expensive like Vivid.

        • Looky Here

          PornHub is crap they always title the video with the celeb name but then it is not. Nice to see in the members area what a video is titled is what it is.

    • Celeb King

      Yup, smart move on Showbiz part. Plus who the hell is not going to pay a single dollar to watch them all. Hell, Kim K with Vivid will cost you 30 bucks, so this is a hell of a deal. I’m going in now, where is my tissue box and lotion.

  • Tommy_Gun 6965

    ShowbizSpy did you guys buy SexTape.com? I noticed that the site is now going to you guys sex tapes section of the site. That is a big move for such a popular domain.

    • Yes, David that has been in the business for many years and owned SexTape.com is now with ShowbizSpy specializing in celebrity sex scandals. This is a good move for us as David as we all know is one of the most well known names in the industry and was able to put the deal together that allows our visitors access to not one or two but all celebrity sex tapes worldwide.

      • Demi

        KICK ASS!

      • Nia S. Alpha

        Great Idea! Now I don’t have to look around everywhere for hours looking for a new celeb sextape. They all be right here. I see in the members area you also partnered with a couple international adult companies, that was a good move because a lot of the US based companies have to adhere to rules they don’t. Thus why it is so hard at times to find some tapes like Stassi and Hulk Hogan. You guys are going to be huge!

        • Ryan Fergo

          Happy Days

  • Phong Nguyen

    Can someone that is already a member let me use their login? I only want to watch the full kim kardashian sex video and then I will log out of your account.

    • Kermit_D_Frog

      It is only one dollar to watch every single tape ever made, are you that much of a cheap ass? This made me lol

  • Robo_Dick

    Stassi from Vanderpump Rules cracked me up with her O-Face going to town on herself.

    • Grape.Ape

      I just watched the Stassi Schroeder tape, she looks to be convulsing. haha!

      • PineKnobJew

        Was she holding a dildo or a vibrator?

      • Becca White


  • B. Lowles

    I can’t believe the court did not show more of the sex tape that Hulk Hogan was in. You can clearly see when watching it that the girl in the video knew damn well it was being filmed. Bubba even says to her as he is getting the camera that a lot of people would pay millions for it. I have no idea how he won that lawsuit. I can see though why they fought so hard to not show it all as he talks like he hates black people and that would have labeled him as a racist to the jury and he would have lost for sure. Gawker will win on appeal if they show the entire video like they should have.

    • LoveStruck

      I thought the same thing after watching the video. It clearly shows that the couple knew what they were doing. Yet the girl in the video claimed she had no idea when she was in court. But yet Bubba the love dude turns to her after the Hogan leaves and says you know how many people would pay millions for this tape. Gawker should have pressed the issue to show the entire video tape.

  • BBC 4 ME

    Kim Kardashian is still the best, she bangs that huge dude forever. Like over an hour.

    • Gone Fishin’

      I don’t know man Kim is good but Farrah Abraham gets ripped a new ass and is much more graphic than the Kim K tape. Plus, Farrah is in HD which is nice ;)

    • Style_Guru

      Kim K Superstar is still in my humble opinion the best tape ever made. My arm is sore. LOL

  • Digital_Guy

    How the hell you got 20+ sites in one is beyond me, David must have some major pull to get that many sites to do an all for one deal. Works for me though!!!

    • Sharp Bear

      Love it, keep up the good work guys.

  • Vladimir K.

    Love the members area, one of the best I have seen. One question though, I have no problem watching the tapes but how can I download the tapes I want to my IPhone?

    • While watching any of the videos on your phone, simply click the little gear icon in the lower right hand corner and select download.

      • Vladimir K.

        Worked, Thanks!

  • Dubs-On-Rice

    You guys have got to look at Rihanna’s stuff in there, she is so bad ass!

    • Rick Islap

      I did and she is ;)~

    • Keegan Johnson

      I liked Rihanna but is it just me or does her pussy kind of look like a firecracker wrapped in roast beef? Miley Cyrus is the exact looking meat curtain I like, nice and small.

  • Freaky Bitch

    David also worked with Joe Francis to get the Kim tape on the map.

  • Snowpack

    Farrah Abraham’s 2 videos are the best. That chick is a straight up freak.

    • G. Michael

      HD movies are almost to realistic. haha

      • SugarButt

        Yup, this has got to be the best exposed celeb nudity site I have ever seen, they have so much content it is insane. They must check every single day and have deals with some powerful people/paparazzi.

  • RayRay

    I liked it

  • Christopher J. Larken

    Ronda Rousey is so fucking sexy, love that chick. Her ex looked like a complete douche bag though. What the hell was she thinking.

    • Wonder Boy!

      I would be scared as shit having sex with Ronda, one wrong move and she will break your arm. LOL

  • Free Speach Baby

    Well at least now I can say that I have in fact seen Katy Perry’s pussy. That was awesome!

    • Danny L.

      One you have seen one you have seen them all. lol

      • S William

        *laughs* Some are much uglier than others.

  • Breaking_Fads

    David, you sir are awesome!

    • Big Booty Celeb Ass!!!!

      For real man, I got so tired of searching for the real tapes. Thanks for putting them in one spot. Rock On!!!!!

      • Nightly Perv


    • LoveStruck

      I knew this was coming after David signed on as a editor with Showbiz, congrats guys. At least now people will know the real deal with celeb tapes and not have to spend hours trying to find the real ones.

    • Robin


  • F1Racer

    Perfect… Good to see all the full uncut tapes in one spot with no annoying ads.

  • David69

    They really do have them all and the video quality is very good with no buffer lag.

    • M2


    • BBC Fan

      The Kim Kardashian tape was really good quality but to long, what was it like an hour of fucking with the black dude. How in the hell she could walk after that performance is beyond me.

  • IT.GUY

    very good

    • Silk

      Did you see the Megan Fox one of her getting off the bike and flashed her stuff wearing no underwear. I was like score.

      • IT.GUY

        I did, nice and smooth.

      • Ron Faldo

        Yahtzee, Perfection!!!!

  • Jack_O

    Very impressive members area.

  • Bryan West

    The full unedited tapes you can’t find on tube sites are in there, reminded me of a legit torrent site. Pretty awesome stuff mates. Cheers!

    • 非常好的网站

  • Classic_Honky_69

    Absolutely brilliant!

    • Scary.Monster

      Yeah, they had a great idea to put them all on the same site.

  • Rico

    Está muy bueno, me gusta los videos completos

  • Dragonballs

    Make sure to grab your lotion and tissue before entering the members area, you will need it. LMAO!

    • Jamal_wick

      I know right.

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    Thank you

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    Good stuff mates, legit site.

  • John Ho

    The Hulk Hogan tape was funny, what did he last like 2min. Need to start calling him the minute man.

    • Lilly

      Yeah, but the wife he was banging was smoking hot!

  • Danny R.

    Danny here from the UK, great site. Loved it. Katie Price never gets old.

  • Kuchar_69

    Liked it ;)

  • Hulk Smash!

    I had no idea Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence had so much naughty stuff. *Thumbs Up*

  • Ryan

    They do in fact have a very good members area ya’ll. All the real legit full length tapes and shit tons of nude celeb photos you can’t find anywhere online. A must see is the rumor tapes section that show tapes that have not been confirmed yet but seem to be certain celebs. Well worth it… Just thought I would give my 2 cents after checking out the members area myself.

  • Creepy_Dude_39

    Watching Kim Kardashian take Ray J on my big screen tv was amazing! That girl can definitely handle her business. Giggidy

  • Zurik SW

    Blac Chyna is a freak, no wounder Rob Kardashian is with that chick.

  • Ben

    Blac Chyna’s booty is like DAMN!

  • Gay Sailor

    After I heard David was cutting a deal with all the sex tape video distributors worldwide…

    • 2 Holes Down

      lol, I know right.

  • Pure Sexy

    Jennifer Lawrence hacked stuff alone was worth watching. She is still to this day my favorite celebrity.

    • Lang

      Jennifer is smoking hot and I love that the hacker leaked all the nude stuff of her.

  • Amber J

    Kick ass!

  • sam

    I love sex

  • Greta Peach

    How old was Jennifer Lopez in the video you guys have? She looked like she was a teenager. Those thug producers she used to hang out with before she was famous looked like douche bags. Cool video though I have never seen that one anywhere.

    • WestSideLover

      I am pretty sure she was 19, I remember reading about how her past had come back to bite her. She did not pay off a blackmailer that was friends with one of her old producer thugs. She takes it like a champ though.

  • Rippin’ Waves

    I am pretty sure the video of Kylie is really her. I know you guys say that you are not sure to be safe. But from what I could see it is Kylie with Tyga.

    • Private_Dick

      It is Kylie, she is wearing a ring that she has worn in public, that has been caught on camera. I found the ring on her same finger via an old TMZ post, when she was vacationing with the fam. So that would be enough to lead me to believe the video is in fact Kylie and Tyga.

  • Ibo

    Lady Gaga has a much better looking naked body than I expected. Good stuff mates ;)~

  • Channel_Surfing_King

    6 different sex videos of Kardashian members. Kim of course is good, Kourtney is a fucking freak with Lamar and Kylie is a little slut with Tyga. Then there is the mom Kris Jenner getting it on with her dead ex-husband and Scott finger-banging his now ex Kardashian. That family has some sex addiction issues. LMFAO!

    • GorfPro

      That family makes no sense to me. The entire Kardashian and Jenner family is white and yet every single family member is with a black dude? WTF is wrong with adding a white guy in the family, or are we not “hip” enough. The only one white dude they had in the family they kicked out (Scott).

  • Lego M

    I liked the Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande tapes. I am not sure how the hell Ariana took Big Sean’s enormous meat stick, that dude is a freak of nature.

    • Me Watching Porn *BOING*

      Big Sean does have an enormous cock, I have not even seen one that big on Pornhub. Very cool site you guys have here!

      • Big Sean is packing for sure, reminds us of Ray J and The Game… Some big bbc stuff for sure.

  • Godzirra


  • Gary6161

    You guys are the best. I got so tired of looking at pornhub and xvideos looking for the real videos. I am so glad I came across your site and became a member. TY

  • Brandon B.

    Kim K Superstar is still my fav video, I can watch that bad boy 10 times a day and not get tired.

    • SC_Trainer

      I don’t know man….. one can only jerk off so much in a 24hr period. LOL

  • BMW M5 Freak

    Showbiz has all the videos the other sites say they have and then don’t. Thank you to David and the ShowbizSpy crew for making one of the best exposed celebrity members area I have ever seen. You guys fucking ROCK!!!!

    • AToMbOMB

      What he said ^^^

  • Kim K Fan

    Nothing better than watching Kim Kardashian Yank on one of the biggest BBC cocks in Hollywood. HAHAHAHA!

    • B_Dong

      The best part is where she is taking it in the ass by that big ass horse cock. There is no denying it, the girls got some major pecker skills!!!!! BRAVO for having the full tape without any annoying ads. You guys are really top notch people.

    • ummmm, well, I guess we will let this pic stay… giggle

  • Professional Beaver Trimmer

    You guys are awesome!

  • Golf_Nut

    Very cool, finally got to watch the full video I was looking for. They do have a very good member area, very impressive.

  • Henrik Hot For Celebs

    My favorite was the Margot Robbie stuff. That woman drives me nuts, love her fuck it attitude and that body is simply amazing!

    • Tool Dude

      Nope, Gigi Hadid stuff is the best, Margot is cool, but Gigi is much more sexy and has better quality videos.

  • Hooker B.

    Gal is going to be the new Kim Kardashian after Wonder Woman hits theaters in 2017. I wounder why the producers did not check to see if she had any sex scandals before deciding to go with her? Oh, well……. more for us!

  • Golf Freak

    Thank you guys for finding the video I asked about. David with ShowbizSpy is a top notch guy.

  • I Am Batman


  • MuChow

    Thank you, I like tapes in members area, very good.

  • DaMan69

    The video section is worth it. They update all the time. Not even sure how they got their hands on so many tapes, but hey that works for me.

    • Black_Lives_Dont_Matter

      What he said!!!!!! ^^^^^^^

  • Alicia P.

    Nicki Minaj has the best looking and most fattest pussy I have ever seen. Saweeeet!

    • Music Singer

      Yup, love me some Niki Minaj

  • DUBS – N – RUBS

    I had no idea Iggy Azalea had so much ass. Dude in the video is one lucky ass nigga.

    • Iggy does in fact have a HUGE ass, and now you have all seen it, congrats!



  • Snappy

    These guys are no joke ya’ll, better become a member before its gone. lol

  • Kudo

    This is so much better than the tube sites, you actually get to watch the entire real videos and nit some crap that the free tube sites have. I guess the saying is true. You get what you pay for. A+ site!

  • Trump Train

    Love the Bella twin tapes, I was so surprised when I watched them. You guys definitely do ROCK ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • WD On Me

    Had no idea that Miley Cyrus had such a small shaved pussy, I would have thought she would have had a huge hole considering how much she fucks.

  • Chan Wu 69

    I liked it very much, thank you for having the tape I have been looking for and asked you guys about, very good customer service!

  • Kiko The Freak

    The video quality is very good, even at full screen and they really do have them all. One stop masturbation shop! lol

    • Alaska Dog

      lol, was thinking the same thing.

    • love that tagline, we may use it “One Stop Masturbation Shop” hahaha

  • Amber_263

    Love it, love it, love it. Happy to see all the girl on girl celebs in there, and not just a ton of ugly big dicks. There is something to be said about two beautiful women having sex with each other. There is something for everyone, and I like that about your members area.

    • We are down with girl on girl and LBGTQ, whatever you do in your space is your personal business and no one else!

  • Brenda If Your Nasty

    Been in the members area and all I have to say, is ❤ MUCH LOVE ❤

    • Randy

      Brenda you want to chat with me via member messaging in the members area?

      • Brenda If Your Nasty

        Sure, hit me up.

  • Ming

    Very good.

  • Faisal


  • Trucker 69

    I had no idea Paris Hilton had 6 damn sex videos, for the love of god girl. Kim Kardashian Superstar is still my favorite though, love that tape. Thanks for having the video in HD. Watching porno videos in HD is simply amazing!

    • Darleck


      • Carpet Bagger

        The videos are very cool but you guys are not mentioning the millions of hacked nude celebrity photos they have. Some of those celebs I had never even heard of, yet they had them. They make the Fappening hack of 2014 look like nothing. It is crazy how nasty some of the celebs look without their makeup caked on. But there is also some celebs that look great even without makeup like Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba and Demi Lovato. Yummy

      • We use very fast dedicated servers utilizing SSD drives with a massive raid set up, so there is no buffering of videos… Having no ads in the members area also helps with the speeds.

    • Paris Hilton does indeed have a ton of nude and sex footage, you have to remember, there for a while she was a complete freak!

  • The Hulks Cock

    You guys blow away the competition, Vivid ain’t got shit on these guys fellas. Plus you do not have to pay extra for other videos, you get to download every single sex tape they have (all of them). I do not usually give reviews on adult content sites, but damn I am a member for life for sure.

  • Chi Town

    It is good.

  • Crowded

    They do have them.

  • Nguyen L.

    Yup, even the full tapes that you can’t find anywhere. Big props to the ShowbizSpy team, you guys fucking rock and roll!!!!

    • Flexing Tough

      I think they partnered with Vivid and all the other guys to have them all in one place… That is the only way they have so many of the videos, even the licensed ones.

      • We had partnered with Vivid at one point but they kept pissing us off, so we broke that agreement and offer all the videos they have anyways. haha!

  • GolfGuy_213

    I don’t know why, but I love Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose tapes, and I am a middle aged white guy. Love me some dark, big booty chocolate!




    I love the fact that you guys do not promote bull shit. If you say you have a video, you have it, that is a big deal in my book and I thank you for being honest with the public.

    • We try to keep it real, and thanks for noticing.

  • Chi

    very good, i like site and videos.

  • Amy

    You guys are the best…. ♥Very Sexy♥

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    Kick ass!!!!

  • Masterdebater

    Nicki Minaj is the best, seeing that booty naked was worth it alone. lol

    • freckles

      Your crazy, Kim Kardashian is and always will be the best… There is a reason why….. it is the #1 downloaded porn video of all time by far, a full hour of sexual interracial sex tape video bliss. I don’t care what anyone says, I love that big booty bitch!

  • Pulse

    Simply the best available for exposed celebrities. They have it all, no kidding.

  • Crystal

    Anyone want to chat with me in the members area? I am looking for some friends to talk to.

    • Be careful who you contact in the members area, remember no one knows who you are really talking with as we respect member privacy. So don’t share to much info with other members, for your safety.

  • Flavor_Savor

    Well at least we know now that Amber Rose shaves her pu**y as smooth as her head. LOL Good stuff guys!

  • 420 Friendly Dude

    Awesome customer service, I could not find a tape I was looking for, and within 5min they emailed me back where to find the video I was looking for in the members area. I love super quick customer service.

  • Tai

    Everything worked good as expected.

  • Pimp_Alert

    Love me some Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose, good shit guys. TY!

    • VA

      Kim Kardashian tape is still the best. I am not sure if any celeb will ever do as well as she has.



  • RNC Pimp

    Now that the election is over I can focus on what matters…. jerking it in the members area! lol

  • Deep In It

    Blac Chyna has the biggest ass I have ever laid eyes on. Blac and Amber are my two favorite hoes now. The Game is one lucky nigga hitting both of those asses.

  • DarkMan-69

    Ariana Grande got caught straight up cheating with Big Sean by his ex. hahaha That girl is so annoying and squeaks like a mouse.

    • One of our favorites, she is so sexy, but such a little shithead.

  • stuffy

    Shit man I found Ronda Rousey in the members area, I would be scared shitless fucking a woman that could snap my neck at any time. Awesome!

    • Dirty Dave

      I know right but watching that stomach on her is a thing of beauty.

  • Gary

    Not sure how they get them all, but they do.

  • Potter Rules!

    Excellent, finally found the video I have been searching online for….. You guys are the best!!!!

    • Moha

      Is it true?

      • Potter Rules!

        Yup, I was looking for a couple Nikki Bella and Ronda Rousey, found them both. I don’t question how they get them all, just watch and download them to my IPad for later use. Yeah, I’m a perv, but it’s all good in the hood!

    • Glad you found what you were looking for, any other requests, just let us know in the members area, and we will see what we can dig up form our contacts in the industry.

  • Nick

    I could watch Miley Cyrus getting fucked 20 times a day. It may not be a long clip, but I only need 30 seconds or so. HAHAHA!

  • Nikko

    David is the best in the industry guys, he gets every single tape there has ever been or even talked about. Just thought I would give some props due to a good legit site.

  • Mia_ N

    I like site.

  • Vanhelsing

    Great bang for the buck! Videos you can’t find anywhere are in their.

    • MarriedLife

      Yes, finally found Ronda Rousey and Kat Dennings. Thankz guys!!!

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    Miley Cyrus has the best looking small little pussy I have ever seen.

  • sMUEL

    Finally find a site that has the videos they say they have and then some. BRAVO!

  • Dr.

    Kim Kardashian is still the best sex tape ever leaked in my opinion. But to say leaked is a bold statement, you can see in the video she totally meant for that tape to “leak” at some point. Either way, I am glad she did, Ray J really tears that ass up the right way, I like him.

  • Cowboys Nation!

    Blac Chyna’s pussy is as fat as her big ass.



  • Smurfzilla

    I love you guys for being so honest with your reporting and getting access to all the tapes being discussed is like a big fat cherries on top! Cheers Mates!

    • We try to bring the truth to the industry.

  • Emma

    Best site for nude celebs by far, loved the Megan Fox content.

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  • Backpage Addict

    Miley Cyrus is such a little freak, I had no idea she had so many pussy shots. The one of her on the bed smoking the bud with her pussy showing was awesome. Love me some freaky ass bitches ;)~

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    A+ Site Rating In My Opinion, No BS Just Good Quality Videos.

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  • Call Me

    I remember this site from like 10 years ago, you guys have accumulated one hell of a sex tape database.

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    Video section is great, and their exposed celebrity photos is even better, they have every single celebrity you can think of. Great site!

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    Best nude celebrity site on the web!

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  • Basketball_Freakazoid

    Kim K is still the best vid of them all!!!!!!!!

  • Mie Lee

    I loved the new footage of Kim Kardashian that was not shown in the original Kim K Superstar video, where did you guys get that footage?

    • Black House

      Not sure how they got it, but glad they did ?

  • Arnold

    I see that I can watch all the videos, but how can I download them to my computer and watch later?

    • You can click on the gear icon in the lower right hand corner of the video player to download any of the videos to your phone, tablet or pc. Keep in mind some of the files are very large, so it is best to just watch them via our video player in the members area.

      • Arnold

        Perfect, Thanks!

  • Carlos 2017

    Very good.

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    Rihanna is my girl, loved the video of her completely naked, smoking a joint and playing Xbox video games. Nothing better than a sexy, pot smoking, gamer chick!!!!!!

    • Agreed, nothing sexier than a beautiful woman that smokes bud with you.

  • Asian Fling

    Gal Gadot is the sexiest female of all time, and that body naked is a thing of perfection. Make sure you guys check her out, you will not be disappointed. Gal + Lotion + Tissue = Date Night! LMAO!

  • Slithering

    I bet Danica Patrick was pissed you guys got your hands on her sex tape and nude photos. I love ShowbizSpy, you guys are the best in the biz and I thank you for telling the truth and never just making shit up like most other sites do. BRAVO!

  • Horse Dong

    Emily Ratajkowski videos are off the hook good. ? I am pleased.

    • Lucile

      Agreed! I could not find her stuff anywhere, and finally found it here. Saweeeet!

    • Always happy, when you are happy!

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    Britney Spears sex tape has been in the members area for like 5 years, I am not sure why there is all kinds of media hype on it now. LMFAO! The video is ok, but Britney appears to be board smoking a blunt while riding the guy. I still think that Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajowski and Megan Fox stuff is the best. You guys fucking rock.


    • Donny 696

      I’m your huckleberry!

  • J&B

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    • complex$Issues

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  • Laura Sexiness

    There is a reason why so many people recommend this site, its the best nude celeb area on the planet. They also have a great chat section for fans.

  • Billy The Kid

    You guys also bought Busted Celebrity? Showbiz Spy has purchased like every single nude celebrity site out there. lol
    Goooood stuff fellas! ? ? ? ?


    Racer Danica Patrick is a freak, I knew it!

  • RibCribFan

    Becky Gomez is probably one of the most smoking hot celebs to make a sex tape, right next to Ariana Grande that is.

  • Playgirl

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  • JRod

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  • Amber_Goodtime_69

    They also have a ton of politicians in there as well, like senators, governors, president family etc. I guess you could consider that area showbiz. lol But cool to see all those high class tools living like the rest of us in some ways. I have checked several sites that have celebrity content and you guys are hands down the very best, and have been now for over 10years that I have known about you.

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  • Rick D

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