Adele one of the most angel like voices in the music industry and on the planet is now being reported to have a sex tape video making rounds after video of what looks to be the Adele sex tape video has leaked to the internet.

The sex tape film features Adele or a twin of some sort having sex with an un-known male from 2004. The video shows Adele and the male going at it for about 20min taken from a first person view of the sexual encounter. The video is at best kind of boring, however Adele fans everywhere are downloading the sex tapes like crazy and the majority say that the video seems to be authentic.

Adele was asked about the video and said “If it is me than so be it, there is nothing wrong with nudity as it is a beautiful thing in my eyes”.

TMZ broke the story back in 2011 saying that the video was currently being shopped by an ex-boyfriend that said he took the footage in London.

[UPDATE] – Adele was met by paparazzi that asked the superstar about the videos and she replied: “If the video is truly of me and an ex piss on him for releasing the video to the public in an effort to hurt me even further.” She’s got class people. ;)

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  • constantino

    Adele has the voice of an angle though I am not sure I would want to see her naked in a sex tape video. Oh what the hell let’s take a look! LMAO

  • wynee

    I have seen the Adele sex video though I can not tell if it is her or not, it looks like her but the girl in the video looks a little thinner than Adele. The only thing that makes me think it may very well be her is the cigarette and her voice is kinda raspy like Adeles voice.

    • TokyoRose

      Adele isn’t this big fat good singer girl people play her out to be. She actually is quite voluptuous. If she looks thinner in the video it’s because she’s not all that big thank you

  • Kerry

    There is no better singer than Adele her music just puts you in the zone. I remember seeing Adele on The Late Show and was like holy shit who the hell is that! Her voice was intoxicating.

  • FirstandLast

    Her voice alone is magical! I love Adele. Don’t know if the woman in the vid is her. But she hasn’t denied it’s existence. Doesn’t change my opinion of her. To me I’m like good!

  • Maria

    ‘If it’s me so be it’. You go sister!!

  • atall

    OMG I love Adele! She’s every woman’s woman! She has a kid now too. So you’d think if you are going to want to have kids you’re probably needing to like to have sex

  • OhYeah

    She’s a whole lotta Rosie!!

    • OhYeah

      I kid! I love Adele. I just also so happen to love that song too ; )

  • Labor Lender

    Her idols growing up was the Spice Girls (really?!) If i’m not mistaken one or more of them got busted with at least one naked video. So if you’re heroes can do it . . .

  • Heart98

    I don’t think there’s a person on this planet who doesn’t like Adele. Rolling in the deep was the greatest song ever!

  • TokyoRose

    Dirty little cock sucker!

  • LoveGun

    I’m a reality tv nut. So hearing about these scandals just gets my panties in a wad.