Looks as though the video everyone has been looking for may have been found, as new footage of what is said to be the Alexandra Daddario sex tape video has just now hit.

Alexandra is best known for her roles on high budget films and television series like Percy Jackson, San Andreas, True Detective and most recently a gig as a Bay Watch babe. The new video has people asking themselves if the next Pamela Anderson is in the making.

The video in question is said to be of Alexandra and her ex Logan Lerman whom she had recently been dating until their nasty breakup in Sept. 2015. Clips of the tape do in fact show what would appear to be the couple engaged in getting it on with Alexandra sucking on Lerman’s hot dog, and then proceeds to turn around for him all while he was recording on his phone.

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  • Fist_Kingpow

    About damn time! Woohoo

  • Justin99

    The scene she had in True Detective had me praying that sooner or later a sex tape would leak of this girl. Those tits are absolute perfection at its best. Probably the best set I have ever seen in my life. That in itself was worth watching.

    • Brandel_Wise_Man

      I agree 100% with the tit comment, they are some tigobittys with perfect nipples. LOVE IT!!!

  • Abban

    Probably one of the sexiest bodies I have ever laid eyes on. Simply beautiful.

  • Renee Washington

    Time to call in sick to work. LOL

  • Ron Faldo

    I have seen some of her in the Baywatch filming with Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” and she is smoking hot!

  • g_MONEY

    You got to love those hackers for getting a hold of all the content that everyone likes to see. Alexandra looked so damn good naked, my god!

  • Oscar

    I want to watch the video, where is the link?

    • Reale Seguros

      You have to be a member… click on the giant button at the bottom of the post that says “Watch Sex Tape Videos” goofy.

  • Quagmire