Ok people you have been asking for us to get you the low down on the much talked about Alyssa Milano sex tape videos and we have done the digging and got the scoop! If you don’t know who Alyssa is then you must not have been alive in the 80’s (played Samantha Micelli on Who’s The Boss) as she was every single boys wet dream including ours here at So you could imagine our excitement when we started hearing the rumors of her naughty videos that had leaked to the net.

Well, Funny or Die and Alyssa has played yet another cruel joke on everyone looking for the holy grail of sex tapes from an 80’s sex icon as it was put together as a hoax like Eva did a while back that had us all geeked out, dammit! Now, don’t fret yet as reports are saying that she does in fact have a nude video of her with guitarist and singer of the band Remy Zero filmed sometime in 1999 which would make sense as the dates match with her relationship with the rocker.

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  • Brian

    OMG I about shit my pants when I saw this. Alyssa Milano is one of my very favorite celebrities of all time. I do remember I had a poster of her on my wall, you know the one where she was wearing acid washed jeans with her smooth little belly showing. I swear I yanked it to that poster probably 2 times a day for about 2 years LMAO! Whats the work on her tape with her ex Remy is it in the members area yet? If so I am in like flynn!

    • Laura Lawson

      Yup, an Alyssa Milano sex tape download is right up my alley.

      • Kid Tilling

        HAHA You perv how could you download the Alyssa Milano sex tape she is a mother for crying out loud. Wait… fuck that I want to watch the tape too!!! lol

  • Lake Views

    Yup, Alyssa is dead fu#$ng sexy!

  • Wendy.Markison

    Who is the guy in the video with her, he is hot! I would do better than Alyssa ;)~

  • black_69

    She is definitely a MILF cougar I would have a good time with. To bad that tool idiot got to her before I did.

  • Tom Bennallak

    Man I have not heard anything about Alyssa Milano in a super long time. When did this happen? Where was I… under a rock, dammit wish I would have known this sooner I loved her back in the day.

    • Dawkin

      After watching the full Alyssa Milano sex tape I went back and watched some of her old shows on YouTube and you are right she was sexy as hell. Fuck that, she still is only cougar style now. I highly recommend watching Alyssa’s old sex tape with that young brown haired kid. It was good.

  • Shorty

    You ask what she has done recently so I checked: Milano began starring as Savannah Davis in ABC drama series Mistresses which is about the scandalous lives of four girlfriends but had to quit the show after a conflict between filming location and important family issue. She also signed on as host and judge Project Runway: All Stars beginning with season three. I believe she may have a role in the new Star Wars to but don’t quote me on that. ;)

  • Steph

    She is on “The Talk” right now and she looks so good for her age it is amazing. They are talking about when she was breast feeding, the Kim Kardashian nude pics that Paper did and her recent nominations.

  • Rifle Lord

    I want to download and watch the real Alyssa Milano sex tape can someone give me their password to this site so I can watch the entire video tape? PLEASE!!!!!

    • Steph

      Cheap asses like you make me laugh, you will spend hours looking for the full uncut sex tape of Alyssa Milano but you won’t spring a measly $1 to download the entire sex tape. Don’t you know that the video bandwidth probably costs this site an arm and a leg? If you want to watch the entire Milano sex tape just pay the $1 for shit sake. So that is a no you can not use anyone’s password. ;)

  • Anon

    I have always been in love with Alyssa, she was my childhood crush in the 80’s. I like so many others had her poster on my wall and a sock right next to my bed. haha! Giggidy