Remember the Amy Fisher sex tape video with Joey Buttafuoco Story? Who doesn’t? Let us refresh your memory… Then Little teen Hottie Amy Fisher met Joey at his auto repair shop. He taught her how to get down and dirty at a very young age, 16 years old… and there we have it a celebrity scandal was born!

This sex tape features Amy and hubby going at it for over an hour from the bathtub to the bed. There is a lot of masturbation in the video as Amy plays with a blue vibrator for quite a long time and the entire run time is about 45min and must say bravo, she does a great job and any man would be crazy not to want to see this video. The sex tape was sold to Red Light Entertainment after Amy and her husband broke up, however they are now back together! Ooops LOL

Amy spent some time in jail after the whole trying to get rid of the other woman thing that was with Joey, however after she was released she went right back to him and that is where the sex tapes came from.

[UPDATE] – More never seen footage has been released of Amy at what is said to be a swinger party and of course again she does not disappoint anyone.

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  • Jimmy-K

    I remember when this all happened and she was banging the garage owner while she was underage. Amy is pure trailer trash and I love it LOL

  • Roy

    Amy Fishers kinda skanky but id still hit it lol

    • Wad Doner

      Hey Roy, I bet you eat skank muff that never showers right after she takes a shit!

  • Celeb Fan

    Damn man just watched the video and I must say Amy is a bit sexy in the video. She knows it will go public while making it of course but… she does a good job playing the role. I bet that pussy was tingling after having the vibrator on it for so long like 30 minutes of dildo and vibrator action was pretty cool. I would hit it ;)

  • BIG T

    Yeah the Amy Fisher sex tape also surprised me I totally thought it would suck but it was not half bad. Had no idea that milf was that damn freaky I likeyyyy

  • Eldon

    I bet Amy is all loose and used up these days. Hell, its the 2012’s.

  • James

    Amy my pussy smells like FISHer is not that hot to me but her mouth sure does open up wide.

  • Harry and Pot

    WTF Buttafuoco! Can’t keep your junk in your pants. Maybe you and Amy Fisher should make a sextape for old times sake. It’ll be just between you two and rest of us : )

  • 78 Ford

    Any Fisher is such a skank she started sleeping with Buttafuoco when she was just 15 and Buttafuoco is a old nasty pervert that was like 30 or 40 at the time. Then Amy trys to kill his wife by shooting her in the head. Amy should still be in jail not making money off her sex tapes with the old pervert.

    Did Buttafuoco ever do any jail time for the statutory rape charges for sleeping with a girl so young? If not he should have for misleading Amy when she was so naive.