The Ashlee Simpson sex tape video with Pete Wentz at last has leaked to the net creating a huge scandal for power celebrity the couple.

The sex videos shows what appears to be Ashlee with well known ex-husband and musician Pete Wentz having sex for about 15min in 2008 after a party in downtown L.A. The video shows the couple drinking and kissing at a local club, then telling friends bye and then the video shows the couple at home having sex while Pete is holding the video recording device. The whole talented tongue thing is very real as she procedes to give the best bj we have seen in some time! In the video you can also hear Ashlee tell Pete, “Let’s not turn this into a Paris, and Wentz replies no baby this is for us only”… Famous last words of all celebrity sex tapes as we all know.

Ashlee still denies the video as every celeb always does however, people that have seen the video seem to have no doubt in their mind that it is in fact Ashlee Simpson.

Calls to Ashlee’s reps have not been returned, though Pete has said that if video of the couple has leaked he wants it back now… Yeah, good luck with that LOL!

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  • Stephanie

    It is that crazy bitch for sure and the tounge in the pic does no justice to what she does with it in the video. I wounder if Ashlee could use it that well on a female, if so I would like to volunteer as her test subject. Didn’t she have another video that was filmed outside of her and some guy having sex in a parking lot?

    • Clicker Thingy

      Yup the parking lot sex video scandal of Ashlee is in there as well, just search her name in the members area where it says xvideos elite and all the videos should come up. it is the video of the empty parking lot security camera. Can’t make it out very well but looks like Ashlee… One lucky ass dude for sure ;)

  • Ad

    Famous tongue indeed. Somebody here really likes to use it too.

  • Jessup

    I think theirs were the first celeb couple where more of the chicadees wanted to see it : )

    • Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brnehtgied my day!

  • Petrius

    Pete Wentz was a lucky man for this lil hooker

  • Mapper

    Ashlee is such a super hottie!

  • MarshaMarshaMarsha

    I think Ashlee Simpson is so friggin beautiful. Way more so than even Jessica Simpson . . . tig ol bitties and all!

  • Cantan

    Lip sync-er!!!

    • Fran

      That really was big news, I remember this happening to her on SNL. She really was mortified by the whole thing. So I’ll cut her some slack – none of us are perfect

    • DropDead

      Okay but wasn’t one of her influences Milli Vanilli? Right there should have clued us off that she likes to NOT sing

      • FabFifteen

        But Ashlee can actually sing and write her own songs. Not so with the Milli guys

    • Seoul Train

      Hey whateve! She’s super rich and famous and is getting her name out there with retail distribution. And she’s a little cutie to boot?! She’s doing something right

  • ceeup

    Didn’t they have a kid together? Maybe what we’re watching is the making of the little one : )

    • David

      No this was way before she got pregnant. So it’s just a dirty romp for us and them to enjoy

  • Shane

    Ashlee Simpson does look better after her nose job. Maybe that’s taboo to talk about someone’s rhino-plasty. But really I guess I’m paying her nose doctor a compliment here. She wasn’t fugly by no means before, it’s just she looks even hotter now.

    • REdsky

      I think we, including celebs should really embrace how we look. But I suppose if you have a few extra mil burning a whole in your pocket then why not help out the shnozzle. So maybe it’s money doesn’t buy happiness but a good nose job will

      • FabFifteen

        You can’t buy happiness but you buy a bike and that’s pretty close

        • FabFifteen


  • Jeff

    ‘Let’s not turn this into a Paris thing’ “Oh no of course not sweety. It’s just for me and you . . . and everybody else. Completely different from Paris – no one cares about that one”

  • Sludge

    It seems to be always the young divas who are denying this shit. Pete Wentz and every dude seems to always be like fuck yeah that’s me!