Twilight star Ashley Greene will now be known not only for one of the biggest blockbusters ever made but the new Ashley Greene sex tape video and 100’s of nude pictures that have leaked to the net recently, creating a huge frenzy to get the videos as quickly as possible.

The video content leaked shortly after all those nude photo’s hit the web according to sources shows Ashley having sex with one of her ex-boyfriends “very well”. Run-time on the sex tape is approx 30min of Ashley and her un-known male friend getting drunk and goofy then proceed to get down and dirty making a full blown sex tape video including full penetration and lots of oral sex.

Ashley was very quick like all celebrities to try and sue tons of sites that posted the content however gave up efforts as “there was just to many sites that had gotten the photo content and videos”.

Calls to Ashley’s reps where returned: “We know about the content that has leaked and vow to sue anyone that post the content”. Too Late… ;)

[UPDATE] – Ashley has filed a lawsuit against the original source of the video and is suing for un-specified damages. Though the video is still available she is suing strictly out of spite.