American actress and comedian who known for her deadpan style comedy Aubrey Plaza has been caught up in her very own celebrity sex tape scandal according to recent reports. Aubrey portrays April Ludgate on the well known show “Parks and Recreation” and after appearing in key supporting roles in several good films, Plaza had her first female leading role in the 2012 comedy “Safety Not Guaranteed”.

As we all know Aubry had photo’s leak to the neat of her masturbating, fondling herself and showing her pun-tang via selfies however that same footage turned out according to reports to be a full blown masturbation sex tape. The video that came from the Fappening leaks in September 2014 feature Aubrey pleasuring herself until she peaks to a mind blowing orgasm where she shakes and ends up dropping the recording device that is believed to be her cell phone you see pictured on the bathtub in the picture above.

Calls to Aubrey’s reps have gone un-returned so far. But we are hopeful that she will contact us with a comment.

[UPDATE] – Aubrey was on a bbc radio show and was asked about the tapes and she replied “yeah it was me I can not doubt that as you can see, am I happy about it no, I feel as though it is a huge invasion of privacy as that video was meant for someones eyes only.” We are not really sure who that would be… maybe Jeff Baena… but she has also been very vocal about her very ho hum dating life and how she can not seem to get a decent date. Um. hello any one of our highly trained hairy monkey men here at Sex Tape would love to take you out! Ok, offers on the table, your move Aubrey.