Rumors have been spreading of a celebrity sex tape video featuring Angelina Jolie and her ex before Brad Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton staring in the Billy Bob Thornton sex tape video. If you remember when Angelina was dating Billy Bob you will remember several times they showed up to events half naked after just having sex on the ride to the events.

Well the story goes a limo driver recorded footage (about 30 minute run time) of Angelina and Billy from his cell phone video camera and is asking for… ready for this… 5Million cash. The problem is the guy who “has the video” will not even show the video to anyone without a non-refundable 100k deposit and top adult companies are not willing to take a chance of 100k if the video turns out to be very poor quality or even not legit. The other issue will be licensing the video as Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie have said recently when asked about the footage that if there is video of them neither of them will sign anything and will sue instantly.

We tried contacting reps for Billy over the Billy Bob Thornton sex tape video scandal, however we have not heard back. figures…

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  • Funny Dude

    I remember when Angelina and Billy showed up to the Oscars and they both looked like they just had a serious fucking session and then to top it off when asked they said “we just got done having sex”. I wonder if that limo driver is the one that took the video? Either way holy shit I would want to see this one for sure!

    • jessie

      I was thinking the exact same thing, man this would be just simply awesome!

  • working_geek

    Umm. I would say that this is true as those guys could not keep thier hands off eachother everywhere they went. They always where all sweaty like teenagers at a keg party!

  • Mr. Smith

    OMG OMG OMG OMG I want to see this shit now!

  • daniel

    I want to see

  • hammershmidt

    Minus Billy Bob (what’s now 70?) add Brad Pitt and you’ve got yourself a hell of a vid. Though with that said Angelina Jolie can be in the sack with my neigbor’s dog and it’ll make for a hell of a flic! Surprisingly enough Mr Thorton looks like my neighbor’s dog. So carry on

    • megan

      You’re just jealous because a sophisticated older gentleman like Billy Bob Thorton was able to land a hottie like Angelina Jolie.

  • ipood

    I thought I’d never say this but with all of this mass shooting going on all over the world it turns out celebs getting naked and nasty on tape is pretty refreshing. I take back everything I’ve ever said about celebs sensationalizing themselves in the bedroom. When’s the last time you heard about a celeb gunning down a bunch of people? So hats off to you celebrities who want to show us your money maker!!

  • samiam

    You know who hurts the most with these celebriies getting caught up in some sort of sex scandal? The next guy, that’s who. I bet you money that the word Billy Bob Thorton is a bad word around the Pitt household. But heck her come back could be “at least I’m not Kim Kardashian”. No doubt!

    • huckabee

      Ha!! So true

  • teamedward

    This guy is one weird dude. Supposedly he as a phobia on antique furniture. WTF!? What kind of phobia is that. That’s not even a fear, it’s a matter of taste and opinion. So I guess if you’re stuck with Billy Bob as an unwanted house guest the thing to do is break out grandma’s old china and chase him around the house with it

  • jan and marsha

    My heart is so broken over these school kids and every one else reeling from these tragedies. What’s the psychology behind these nut jobs? Why not just off yourself (which is never a good idea either btw) instead of going on a rampage before hand? But how about rubbing one out to some exciting nude celeb scandals to blow off some steam rather than picking up an assault rifle. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow

    • Mac

      So true!!!

  • jackbenimble

    Who woulda thunk it?! These celebs getting busted with their videos was the right thing to do? I sooooo much would rather see how another celeb get caught up in a sex scandal than to see what’s going on in the news now

    • purplepeopleeater

      I don’t want to be too flippant about these tragedies, For whatever reason we are inundated with psychos here in America. So for those who say celebrities are doing too much in the bedroom on camera – I say to hell with that! We need more of it. It’s the new normal!! Normal is good