Brand new Blac Chyna sex tape video rumors are circulating of the Urban modeling queen whose real name is Angela Renée White. Blac Chyna who became famous for her spread in Straight Stuntin’ Magazine, Black Men’s magazine and BFF with Amber Rose has been quick to diss the rumors, though says now she is totally up for selling the porn videos full and uncut she does have, possibly with Rob Kardashian. If you love big booties we are going to go out on a limb and say this one along with the Amber Rose leaked sex videos would be must see videos for sure.

There is two different tapes to talk about, with the first one is supposedly showing Black Chyna in a skimpy black outfit and starts out with her taking care of herself while Tyga is said to be filming the entire ordeal… After some time passes of Chyna doing her own thing I guess it became to much for Tyga as he put the camera down facing the couple and dove in to finish her off himself. There is a ton of Blac Chyna fans in the hip hop community and prison system (Straight Stuntin’ is one of the only “naughty” magazines approved by the DOJ). Anyways, the full porn video is said to be really good and that she damn near breaks Tyga in half.

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  • Gilly Weed

    Blac Chyna having sex on tape is nothing new, she is a bit of a hood rat if you ask me. However, I would tap that big o’ hood rat booty any day of the week given the chance. Who is Chyna dating now since she and Tyga got divorced?

    • Ice Trucker

      Chyna is dating J’Leon Love who is a professional boxer. They have not had sex as of yet though because he is Muslim and it is Ramadan and right before that he would not have sex with her because he was getting ready for a fight. I bet when they do the deed, he is going to beat the pussy up! Please get that shit on tape. lol

  • bLaCk

    Man that is one fine ass black woman, I have been following her career since she started modeling back in the day. Blac Chyna is the shit, way better than Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose and their airbrushed asses.

    • Larry Da Perv

      Agreed, Black Chyna is the woman any man wants to fuck with then go home to your house pussy and think about Chyna the entire time. That booty just does not stop! Very sexy!!!!

  • Motley Fool

    Not usually into black chicks but damn how could you resist some Blac Chyna in your bed? This is one sex tape I am going to be more than happy to download!

  • Hail To The King

    Black Chyna screwing Tyga and Amber Rose banging Wiz and now they are getting thier own reality shows. Must be nice to fuck a celeb and then become a celeb yourself. Not bad for a couple strippers!

  • Man Beard

    Figures a couple ex stripper hoes that are known for nothing more than fucking hip hop moguls now have their own reality show. Ah America haha! ;0

  • Dubs

    Sexy Big BOOTY Blac, Robert has no idea how lucky he is. Little bastard.

  • Ginger

    Rob Kardashian and Angela White aka Blac Chyna just announced they are getting married. Next step, release another sex tape. Watch out Kim Kardashian Blac is the new Kardashian!

    • Green Ty

      Hahahaha her name is going to be Blac Kardashian….. How fitting for that family.

  • Jen_Low

    Looks like you guys were spot on again months ahead of anyone else. TMZ just did a story saying that the Blac Chyna and Tyga sex tapes are real. David, I am not sure how you always get your hands on these tapes before anyone, but you sir are awesome!

  • Dub_SacAttack

    Blac Chyna and the “leak” of her sex tapes with Tyga and Rob be like:

  • Eric_Phong

    Damn Chyna can suck a mean ass dick… did you guys watch the video? My god, dis girl looks like a pro!!!!!!

    • EGamer Freakazoid

      Blac gives a new meaning to “The Girl Can Suck Chrome Off A Hinge” HAHAHAHA That was awesome sauce.

  • WWIV

    Strippers always know how to fuck the best, they have so much practice. Blac and Amber both have great videos. This is a great fucking site!!!!

  • Swank Design

    they look fucking disgusting… like obese hippos

  • Norm

    Hahaha Rob Kardashian is leaking all of Blac’s nude photos and videos. That’s awesome!