Blake Lively who was well known for her role on Gossip Girl and has dated some A-List actors/celebs such as Leonardo DiCaprio is now better known for the Blake Lively sex tape video that leaked online after her relationship with Penn Badgley ended around September 2010.

The video that is of course still denied by Lively features a male that seems to be Penn and Blake having sex in a bathroom of one of the two’s bathroom floor using a legitimate HD Camcorder. We have seen the video and believe that in fact it is Black and Penn in the video however as always we don’t confirm we just report and let the people of the world decide for themselves. The video has kissing, playfulness, oral and full blown intercourse and runs about 12min in great quality and there was also several nude photo’s to go along with the video content.

The way that this all came about was that Penn had a break-in at his home and claimed that one of the items taken was one of his video tape files that had several random home movies. The thief’s seemed to have targeted video and photos as it was also reported that several photo albums where missing as well.

Calls to Blake’s reps have not been returned however Blake’s reps returned our calls and said: “If we find that the videos are authentic we will trace them back to the thief that broke into Blake’s home”. Good luck with that one.

[UPDATE] – has named Blake Lively “One of the most desirable women of 2011”. As if we didn’t already know that ;)

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  • backsplash

    Blake Lively “One of the most desirable women of 2011″ – Please this girl is the girl of 2012 and beyond too. She is downright sexy gorgeous!

  • right boy

    What needs to happen is these celebs need to hold up there DL’s or something. But even funnier is if they go through all of that and then still deny the existence of the tape.

    • delaney

      How funny would that be?!

      • right boy

        Pretty funny according to me : )

  • Jane

    There needs to be one of Ryan Reynolds and Blake : ) But I bet they won’t be so clumsy with where they lay around these tapes. But every time a new tape is released their career is boosted. Hardly a coincidence I’m sure : )

  • patti

    She married Ryan Reynolds! Oh how sweet.

    • maven

      So the girl and the guy in the Green Lantern movie got hitched? Hopefully they’ll do better than that movie did. Ouch!

  • robert

    Wow is she gorgeous! I hadn’t really heard of her until I saw her here unfortunately for me. But now that I have you know I’m going to watch more of her stuff

    • delaney

      I only knew of her in the Green Lantern and even then didn’t know who she was until I came here too. Funny how things like this will help a career and rarely kill it.

  • jane do

    This thing was filmed with an HD camera?

    • bob

      In my humble opinion that just means Blake Lively was hoping it’d be “discovered” and leaked. But who knows, maybe they like good quality home movies. Good for them!

    • Myrrh

      My camera is HD. And yes if I’m going to film myself with a over the top hottie you betcha sweet ass it’s going to be in HD.

    • Man of the mountain

      Most cameras that are coming out now are HD. That’s where the demand is. Nobody wants to buy a crappy camera if they can have something better

    • jane do

      How good can the HD be? There’s still a question whether or not this is Blake Lively.

      • Myrrh

        It’s her. Trust me. I’ve watched it enough times now : )

  • may

    Blake Lively and I were born on the same day. Time to party!

  • bev

    She’s actually super nice. My friend said she saw her out and struck up a conversation with her and ended up talking for awhile. My friend said she was drunk so maybe Blake just stood there for comedic purposes

  • dove

    I love love love this girl!

  • slip

    Hey nice!!

  • jumper

    I would not kick this one out of bed. Thank you and good night