A Brandi Glanville sex tape video is what we want to see right? As the story goes the “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” star was in the bathroom with some unknown dude at an actual shooting at Kyle Richards’ recent White Party and was “caught by her friends having sex in the bathroom”.

Brandi was in the bathroom with a dude having… well ya know intercourse when the girls/co-stars caught her, “we could not believe what she was doing, she was banging the dude she hardly knew in the bathroom with one foot up on the sink!”.

The only thing that is making us at SexTape a little suspicious is that RadarOnline is known for kind of extending the truth. We believe she was having sex with just some random guy in the bathroom… yes… however was the entire thing caught on tape?… we doubt it but as usual we will follow this one very close.

Calls to Brandi’s reps about the sex videos have gone un-returned as of right now.