One of the cutest little 21-year old Hollywood beauties, and the superstar husband of one of Hollywood’s top power-couples! Brittney claimed she met up with Ashton Kutcher at a trendy bar, and later, while the sexy star’s wife Demi Moore was away, they had hardcore sex in his lavish Beverly Hills home.

The Brittney Jones sex tape video was purchased by no other than Steve Hirsch at Vivid Celeb and in this never-before-released video of Brittney you will watch her having hardcore sex with a former boyfriend that we must say is ripped like a frikin’ piece of steel (how do these guys get so damn fit?! lol). She is a firecracker for sure we must say and has a perfect body with very nice olive skin and not a single blemish at all. Pure beauty!

There is also news of a real sex tape video involving her superstar ex-lover Ashton Kutcher and from the reports the video is very nasty with a little girl on girl action mixed in for good measure. Kutcher still denies the other sex tapes, however as we all know he is still with Demi and the last thing he needed was a sex tape scandal while trying to work things out with Demi.

Calls to Brittney Jones reps have been returned: “We are working on a solution for the video that has leaked to the net”. Meaning they wanted to find the right buyer ;)

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  • Tim

    Would love to see a Hillary Clinton sex tape. Yeah, Im mental like that.

  • Rally D

    Does Brittney Jones have a sextape with Ashton? I kninda wood like to see that one.

  • sam62

    Brittney Jones in this sex movie is just okay. She’s only something because she had both a three way and a two way with Ashton Kutcher. There’s a celeb porno to look out for!

  • venerable

    I mean really?! Other than getting up on Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (nice!) nothing really constitutes her as a celeb on this. Here today gone tomorrw

    • arunio valet

      She is or was shopping for a buyer so at least she was trying to make some bling off the thing

  • arunio valet

    The money shot that broke up the Ashton and Demi power couple

  • arunio valet

    Now she’s kind of yesterday’s news. But a hottie nonetheless!!

  • knight ridler

    This girl can get down!

  • knight ridler

    Yeah old news. But I like the classics. I’m still a fan of the Pamela Anderson / Tommy Lee sex tapes – the ones who started it all

    • box of kittens

      She’ll never be old news now. Vivid, tmz, and will see to that I’m sure

  • French press

    It really is a nice video. It’s not the “tryst” everyone really wants to see but who knows this may blow that other one away. Who am I kidding no it won’t.

  • Lewinksy

    I suck better cock.

    • French Press

      Oh honey we know you do . . . we know you do

    • James

      Did the pres rate you in at a 5? Brittney Jones sucks at least at a 7 level.

  • tao

    Ashton is one lucky mother f*cker with this one!