You know and love her… Cameron Diaz one of Hollywood’s favorite actresses best known for her roles in hit movies like “There’s Something About Marry” and “Charlie’s Angels” has been caught up a few different nude celebrity situations of her very own.

Cameron had originally demanded an injunction to stop photographer John Rutter from trying to exploit nude photographs and video footage of her back in June of 2003 that she did wen she was only 19 years old and looking for work in the acting community. The tapes almost seems to be of professional quality and features Cameron in a black leather outfit that seems to have a bit of a bondage feel. There is also a video of what is said to be Diaz the same day blowing the director/producer in his car that was recorded by the director himself who confirmed that he did have video of Cameron performing some sexual acts.

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  • Tim

    I think she was hotter when she was younger but still lookin good…. :)

    • sam62

      No way! Cameron Diaz ages like wine. She is oh so tasty these days. Anytime you want to do us all a favor and do another sextape we all will be much obliged honey.

  • Busted

    Cameron Diaz is so damn cute, looks like the girl next door. When will a full blown sextape leak of Cameron, soon I hope. Pics are not enough HEHE

    • Rally D

      She reminds me of my little sisters friend. Almost looks like her to the T. I never did her tho but would of loved to.

  • Eldon

    Cameron Diaz should do a lezbo tape. Now that would be a good one to see!

    • Marykate784

      I’d soooo do a lesbo sextape with Cameron Diaz!!

  • Lady Bird

    I loved her in Something About Mary, such a funny movie!

    How old was she in these photos? She looked very young indeed.

  • video lover

    I have seen the part of the so called “sex tape of Cameron Diaz” and can asure you all, that it is fake. The hot blond girl on the tape is not Cameron. Even her boobs are way bigger than Cameron’s. I don’t understand the reason to release this kind of fake tapes. Everyone can see that it is not real.

    • Slim

      The Cameron Diaz sex tape with the photographer from back in the 90’s is real, there is no doubt in my mind as you can see it is her plain as day and she admitted the content was real as she filed a lawsuit against the professional photographer. Now the video that xvideos and pornhub is saying is really Cameron is not. The video of Diaz with baseball player Rodriguez also looks totally real.

  • Rorly.Limber

    I loved watching the sex tape movie with Cameron Diaz, I thought it was a great video.

  • Phil_M_6236

    Cameron Diaz is so damn cute I have always loved her. I love the video you guys have of her with Brad Pitt at the resort in Hawaii. They are sitting there naked smoking weed and then she sits on Brad totally naked and starts grinding on him… Yeah that was definitely a Cameron Diaz sex tape porn video. It is more of a playful sex tape though rather than a full blow video of Cameron getting fucked.

    • Bane

      I was watching Cameron Diaz live on the tele and she was talking about sex tapes and how yes she has made some and had a scumbag release some xxx video of her from back in the day when she was a struggling actress. Seems everything they have reported on Cameron is pretty much spot on.

  • Prime Time

    Cameron has dated so many a list celebrities in Hollywood. Here is just a few that I found on a quick search: Carlos De La Torre, Vince Neil, Matt Dillon, Edward Norton, Jared Leto, Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake, Jude Law, Tyrese Gibson, Kelly Slater, Bradley Cooper, Sean Combs, Gerard Butler, Paul Sculfor, Keanu Reeves, Adam Levine, Alex Rodríguez, Elon Musk, Benji Madden and several more. Seems to me that this girl gets around and the odds of her having real sex tape pornos is pretty high, especially dating guys like Vince Neil who has like 10 sex tapes.

  • Erica

    There are so many nude photos of Cameron Diaz it is insane no wounder she has done so well in Hollywood.

  • Lenny-Harris

    I absolutely loved Cameron Diaz in the movie sex tape. It is so funny that she made a movie about tapes and has some of her own from way back in the day. Where those movies of Cameron Diaz shot in the 80’s?

  • Robo65252

    Cameron is so fucking cute… did she ever end up really following through with the lawsuit against the photographer that leaked all the nude footage of her from when she was young?