OJ Simpson’s ex-girlfriend of 13 years Christie Prody is shopping interracial sex tape footage around to many porn companies calling it simply the Christie Prody sex tape video.

The male in the video is not OJ Simpson AKA “The Juice” it is Christies rebound dude after OJ was sent to prison for robbing some dude at a Las Vegas hotel and the judge in the case threw the book at his ass for kidnapping and armed robbery. The video was made with state of the art equipment and is very well shot in good lighting with a run time of over an hour, so we are assuming that the video was made on purpose to try and further her D-List celeb status.

Christie’s ‘tigo bitties’ AKA: (big celebrity boobies) would force us to watch the video for sure, they are huge and even more rare… real!

We have tried to contact Christie for comment however she has no management or reps as the go to for information. Oh well, good stuff anyways.

[UPDATE] – There is now video that Christie was said to have leaked of her having sex with OJ Simpson.

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  • Go Raiders!

    LOL That bitch is always in trouble just like OJ Simpson. She used to be beautiful but years of all that shit have made her ugly. I would still watch the sex tape as well though those tits are pretty damn nice. Let us know when you get the footage.

    • JohnnyD

      Raiders suck man ;) Go Seahawks!!!!

  • Brit_Jones

    Yeah, last I heard her ass was in jail for drugs or something like that. I can’t belive she thinks that her sex tape could be considered a celeb sex tape video.

    All she did was date OJ… Now if OJ was in it I would watch it just out of curiosity but since he is not I have no want to see the video.

    Now if you can please get some footage of Brad Pitt or Mr. Depp that would be great!

    • ipood

      Please!! Watch what happens if’n I wind up knockin boots with some hottie celeb out there. You betcha sweet ass I’ll be shopping around my sex tape to everyone who lends me an ear.

      I’m not above getting paid to do the wild thing!

  • aweemaway

    Hey Christie Prody is pretty damn hot! Talk all the shit you want but this one miraculously avoided being killed by Orenthal from ’96 to 2009, sure she got nabbed for trying to steal a purse – no doubt not one of her better moments. But what makes up for it all is her in her birthday clothes sharing with the rest of us what the good Lord giveth. Bless you Christie, bless you!

  • netned

    All in all I’m happy with this thing. It’s not OJ simpson in the tape. But this one will tide me over ’til the “other one” surfaces. She sold this one and says she has another, so there ya go!

  • jacobslad

    Wow. So let that be a lesson to you ladies out there. Dating OJ Simpson gets you (A) killed (B) arrested for purse nabbing and (C) having to do what you gotta do to make ends meet like “trying” to get caught up in a sex scandal.

    Nice movie though : )

  • letoforjared

    These are some tigo bitties!! Well good for you Christie Prody. What’s really telling is she even said herself that she thinks he did it. So you can keep the OJ video. Not really a fan of watching murderers getting down and dirty.

  • ojforoj

    Wow OJ you are truly a worhless piece of shit. Turns out not only are you now doing well deserved time but you beat this poor girl bat shit crazy. So hey if she can make a name for herself and at the same time put some distance between herself and the Juice then more power to her!

    As scandals go this wouldn’t rank up there with the best of them maybe but sure was worth checking out. Thanks!!

  • subhuman

    Poor girl . . . you said “D-list” status. Unfortunately that pretty much sums it up for this lady. I never heard of Christie Prody before seeing her here so looking on the bright side if fame is what she wants – she’s on the right track.

    • liveforit

      Just ask the likes of Kurt Cobain how great the glitz and glam is.

      But as exposed tapes go – this really ain’t all that bad! So hey if it can work for the friggin Kardashians . . .