Politician Chu Mei-Feng became famous in 2001 when a video of her having sex with a married man was distributed and now we have the Chu Mei Feng sex tape video.

Chu Mei-Fang was a Taipei city councilor and former TV journalist, and the release of the sex tape created a storm of publicity in Asia and around the world as having sex this way is frowned upon. The video features Chu at home with a professional camcorder running the entire time the couple where playing around and has a run time of about 35min. The male is pretty aggressive with Chu carrying her from the bed to the couch to the floor and spanking her little booty hard enough to leave marks that you can see.

Investigators found that a friend of Chu’s, Kuo Yu-ling, had installed the hidden camera that caught the entire thing on tape. Oops! There is also an extra part of the video after the male is gone where she masturbates on the floor… We guess the guy did not complete the job so she finished herself off manually.

[UPDATE] – Chu was asked about the videos in question and she said “I was a victim of someones cruel intentions and am innocent of any wrong doing”. Well there ya go.

  • Alan P

    Never knew she was a Politician. That explains why shes on this site.

  • Rusty R

    I heard her parents named her from throwing a bunch of silverware up in the air and listened to the sound it made when it hit the floor! lol :) I would still hit that tho!

  • manatee

    International politicians getting into the celebrity sex tape game. Gotta love it!