Claire has recently been all the talk after a sex tape said to be of Claire and Billy Crudup made during the time he was married to Mary Louise Parker has leaked.

The love triangle from a while ago is complicated at best but from what we know Billy and Claire started having an affair when his wife Mary was 7 months pregnant about 10 years ago. The Homeland actress went on record saying that she learned a great deal from that relationship as she was only 24 years old and naive at the time. Claire is now married to Hugh Dancy who has not yet made any comments about the tape being said to be that of his wife.

The tape was filmed in the bedroom with the male and female trading off the camera… it starts with the male holding the camera getting a nice little blow job while the female said to be Claire pleasures herself with a vibrator. After about 15 minutes of this you can see that she is dripping wet (seriously, she even drips a bit) and the male said to be Billy starts to go to work on Claire and finishes off pretty damn fast at under 45 seconds of intercourse. We assume this was the reason why the vibrator was in play.

Anyways, good video and good quality. We have seen he video and can say that the couple in the video looks real damn close to the same that they looked like back in the day but as you all know we do not confirm until we hear it from the celebs mouth and at this time the video is still being denied. So take a look for yourself and then come back and tell us what you think.

[UPDATE] – Hugh was stopped and asked about the video circulating of his wife said to be with her ex Billy and he was not very happy with the paparazzi for bringing up such a question. He gave a glare and walked away with his middle finger in the air held high.

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  • Tiffiny

    She is nothing but straight trash. How can a woman knowingly sleep with another woman’s husband, especially when his wife was 7 months prego. These kind of sluts make me sick. She can say she was young and in love all she wants it still does not change the fact that her stupid ass broke up a marriage.

    • Mr. Bain

      It takes 2 to tango!

  • Shady

    She also cheated on Billy with her Evening co-star Hugh Dancy. Seems to be a trend with this girl.

  • perv_master

    Hey I thought you guys only have all the nude stuff in the members area… I can see a couple nipples here. giggiddy! lol

  • Francine9696

    Claire was also rumored to be fucking Matt Damon in the 90’s I wish she had a tape from that. Billy just does not do it for me, he just seems a little dirty.

  • PootyTang

    Never even heard of Claire Danes, who is this chick and why do we care?

    • Wild West

      She has actually had a pretty deceit career in not only movies but television as well and has been up for tons of awards. Here is just a short list of some of the movies she has been in to help re-fresh your memory:

      1994 – Little Women
      1995 – How to Make an American Quilt
      1995 – Home for the Holidays
      1996 – I Love You, I Love You Not
      1996 – To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
      1996 – Romeo + Juliet
      1997 – U Turn
      1997 – The Rainmaker
      1998 – Les Misérables
      1998 – Polish Wedding
      1999 – The Mod Squad
      1999 – Brokedown Palace
      1999 – Princess Mononoke
      2002 – Igby Goes Down
      2002 – The Hours
      2003 – It’s All About Love
      2003 – The Rage in Placid Lake
      2003 – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
      2004 – Stage Beauty
      2005 – Shopgirl
      2005 – The Family Stone
      2007 – Evening
      2007 – Stardust
      2007 – The Flock
      2008 – Me and Orson Welles
      2013 – As Cool as I Am

  • Firecracker

    Can’t believe @PootyTang did not know who Claire Danes was, she is only on TMZ and ET every week for something. Must not be a real celeb fan but a troll.

  • Dusty Wilson

    LOL I don’t think that was her cum falling off the vibrator I think she peed a little lmao!!! Good shit

    • Dan 857_P

      Agreed, looks like she lost control a bit and pissed on the vibrator. That’s some funny stuff.

  • Gringo Star

    I see nipples!