American singer and reality tv personality Courtney Stodden is best known for her “celebrity” boobies and her controversial marriage to actor Doug Hutchison because the couple started dating when she was just 16 years old, now there is an even bigger scandal according to reports of a Courtney Stodden sex tape video.

This is such a huge scandal because no one is sure if the sex tapes where filmed before Courtney was 18 as she started dating 51 year old Doug when she was just 16 years old making her underage and considered statutory rape if the video was filmed before she became an “adult”. The video was taken in a very nice hotel and runs about 8min total showing Courtney butt ass naked while Doug was dressed in a suit. The video records Courtney (or someone that looks a hell of a lot like her) go up to Doug on her knee’s, whips out his pickle and gives him some amazing oral loving. There is no actual sex in the video just oral so we are not sure if legally Doug could get in trouble, however reports say that in court since the video clearly shows Courtney naked and performing the oral with out Doug asking for it, courts would have a hard time with prosecution.

Calls to Courtney and Doug’s reps have not been returned, however Doug’s family, friends and co workers are not talking with him since the entire scandal started as they say it was very in-appropriate for Doug to take advantage of a 16 year old little girl.

[UPDATE] – There is more nude video said to have leaked from a day at the beach with her man Doug again. The paparazzi said the couple knew they where there… hmmm

[UPDATE] – While these dysfunctional lovers have now split from each other we have no doubt that she’s well on her way to releasing a tape at some point.

[UPDATE] – Confirmed! There is yet another sex tape of Courtney Stodden… We have seen clips of the video and it is super hot. The tape features Courtney in a solo masturbation performance with shaking, screaming and a bit of orgasm action. This video was just filmed recently and is a must see for sure, that is if you are into the hot young blonde thing of course. Yet again TMZ is all over Steven Hirsch’s nut sack saying that Vivid will be the sole rights owner… We on the other hand could care less and everyone knows by now that TMZ seems to be in bed with Vivid ;) We do not believe that this will be as big as the Kim K tape only Ariana Grande can do that in the near future but we are sure it will hit the top download list.

[UPDATE] – Well as expected Courtney is signing the contract to release the video rights to Vivid Ent. who we all know will try to milk the clips for all its worth. The funny thing is though that the individual that Courtney said “stole” the video that magically “leaked” recently has already posted the content. So we guess Vivid Celeb will be on a legal quest to try and remove all copies not owned by them very soon… good luck with that one. Anyways, like we said before the tape is a good one and a must see if you like celeb sex tapes of hot young blondes. Also, just as a note Courtney said all her initial profits from the tape will be donated to charity and that she does not care about the $1 Million she will get to sign her name on the dotted line. Courtney said she wants the money to go to the animal shelter or “Children With Cancer Fund”. So there ya go, you can watch a hot blonde masturbating and feel good about it all day long… because, really, you just helped a puppy or child in need. Bonus!

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.
  • McDowell, Roger

    Don’t get me twisted this bitch Courtney Stodden is fine as hell and I love her nude videos and stuff, butt don’t be fooled she knows exactly what she is doing, hell she has had a banging body since she was like 14 and knows it. So what if she hooked up with some old ass dude, do you remember how old Anna Nicole Smith and her husband was I think he was like in his 90’s for shit sake. If they genuinely feel as though they love each other, than let love be. She is a big girl and we all know people have sex in their teens, how many girls or guys did you bang in grade school and high school, yes?.

  • bammer weed

    Girl does have some nice tigo bitties.

    • Jason R.

      OMG I totally forgot about that term “tigobitties” I used to use it all the time. Thanks for reminding me of my new favorite term ;)

  • bloke

    Playboy turned Courtney Stodden down for a cover shoot… Ol’ Heff is out of his ever loving mind.

  • Roberto Rodriguiz

    I don’t know who this chickadee is but damn! Was she of age when the video was made? She looks like she was but she looks very much older than her actual age.

    • Brenda_Locke62

      If you read the story she is only famous for being blond, having big boobs and marrying a famous old fart in her teens Doug Hutchison. Courtney Stodden is the type of woman that gives beautiful young women a bad name and I was not the least bit surprised to hear of her fucking sex tapes. Yet another tramp that is going to profit from having sex on tape. Sad.

  • Bammer Hart

    I would screw the shit out of Courtney Stodden, her old ass man I know is not rocking that shit right. Courtney needs a young buck like myself not some old ass dude all shriveled up. What a waste of a perfect chick.

  • rain

    lol Courtney Stodden is nothing but a gold digger… making sex tapes and getting married to Doug Hutchison a man that is 3 times her age trying to get rich and famous. If that is not a gold digger I do not know what is.

  • Mr. Giggles

    I agree that she is a gold digger but who in the hell would not want to see Courtney Stodden in a masturbation sex tape? I mean shit we are all pervs here right and watching a hot young blond that is ok with older dudes, well that is just great! lol I am in!!!!

  • Celeb Match

    Courtney fucking herself on tape is of no surprise and I am sure that there will be a ton more celebs over the next few years have nude video tapes of themselves “leak” to the web as video recording devices are now everywhere and on everything. It is good to be Sex Tape, you guys have it made for years to come as there will never be a shortage of naughty celebrity news scandals. Congrats.

  • Jennifer – HP Reporter

    HAHA Just like clockwork TMZ reports that Steven Hirche from Vivid offered 1million dollars for exclusive rights to the sex tape of Courtney Stodden. Damn the guys at are good reporters always calling shit days before it happens in the celebrity sex tape biz. Keep up the good work you guys, I love how you guys report on something then all of a sudden it hits main stream media!

  • LA Freak

    LOL Courtney is saying that her sex tape video is not for sale. buhahahaa To late there babe! Once your clips hit the net there is no undoing that.

  • Areader

    Courtney Stodden much like Kylie Jenner loved playing the nearly naked underage Lolita. Now a masturbation tape surfaces and she wants everyone to believe she wants it back and her attorney has fired off a legal letter to Vivid Entertainment threatening legal action. Sound familiar Kim Kardashian?

    Courtney Stodden is simply playing the negotiating game for two reasons.

    1) Drive up interest in the tape.

    2) Drive up the initial selling price and her royalty fees.

  • Motley Fool

    Omg you have got to be kidding me. Courtney turning over her 1 million dollar signing bonus to have sex on tape is nothing more than a ploy to gain more media exposure. The tape of Courtney Stodden will make at least 50 million in sales and she will get a big fat check at the end of every month, so her giving the One Million signing bonus is nothing more than buying more media coverage for her fucking on tape video. Nice try Courtney, we are not buying it and all know you are a gold digger to the end. I can not belive the way to become an a list celeb these days is to just have sex on tape with someone. Hey if you are a celebrity and want to get real famous, give me a call and we can make a tape together and you are in like Flin. lmao!

  • dfsfs

    can someone give us the link to the sex tape?

    • Brian McMiller

      omg dude it is like a dollar to watch all the tapes in their database. Don’t be a cheap ass.

  • CanDo

    Courtney does some crazy shit with that ice cream in the sex-tape. That was pretty nasty stuff, girl is sexy as hell butt ass naked though.