You probably know her as the GoDaddy female racer and spokeswoman from all the commercials, this time though you may soon know her in a much different way as we have been informed that Danica Patrick has been busted in some very explicit uncensored content. Danica has been the type of girl that every man dreams of for a very long time, even as a young girl she was more interested in motors than makeup. She has become incredibly famous for her racing skills on the track in both NASCAR and INDY racing. Danica is also known for her love of having some alcoholic beverages and having a potty mouth like a trucker.

We had been contacted by some individuals that have said to have seen the video that Danica Patrick was in. The rumor is that definitely a homemade sex tape of someone that looks a lot like the female racer Danica Patrick that any red blooded male would love to hook up with has hit the web. Run time on the tape is said to be about 30 min and starts out as just normal video of Danica hanging around with her husband at the time Paul Edward Hospenthal then after about 15 minutes of that the video cuts and shows a couple that looks like Danica and Paul in a motor home performing sexual acts on each other and being recorded by the exact same type of recording device that was filming them outside at the races.

All things considered, the consensus is that the video is really damn good, the only thing that gives us any doubt on the videos authenticity is that everyone is saying that you never really see the faces on the bus… It shows them outside but you do not get even a glimpse of the faces in the bus and that leads us to believe that this may have been a very well designed hoax. No word on what Ricky Stenhouse Jr. her new boyfriend and fellow racer thinks of the whole thing.

We have put in a call to Danica’s reps at IMG and have not heard anything back as of yet… but as always as soon as they get back with us we will let you know.

[UPDATE] – The video in question was said to have fall in the hands of a old pissed of employee of one of the companies that supported Danica and her racing career. Yikes!

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of SexTape.com. I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.
  • Hillbilly Babe

    I have heard on several sites about how Danica is very much a tom boy and has ever since she was a young girl and grew up in a racing family. They said she drinks a lot and gets very loud and vulgar so really this would be no surprise to me as she does have the tendency to get a bit wild. Just the other day People magazine reported that her boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. said that his mom complained about her language.

    • Ausie

      I could care less if she acts like a dude, burbs, farts and uses nasty language.. I would volunteer to star in the Danica Patrick sex tape any day of the week.

  • Rory

    Holy shit it’s the Godaddy chick! Every time I had seen those commercials of her, I thought to myself, self…. that right there is a girl I would love to toss her salad! HA good find.

  • Jerry The Plumber

    Fucking sweet I bet Godaddy will not be pissed the more she is in the news the more press they get. All the Go-daddy girls are so damn hot. I am not into Nascar or racing for that matter but love girls that can get their hands dirty.

  • Sap

    I bet Danica Patrick’s pussy smells like motor oil.

    • Dinon

      Danica has her own website at Danica Racing. I wounder how her new man Ricky Stenhouse Jr. feels about possibly watching Danica getting plowed by some other dude.

  • Cinderella

    Danica Patrick is known to be a freak. She even says she is and loves to have great sex.

  • Jag

    Tabloids have said in the past that Danica is a bit of a freak. I do not doubt for a minute that someone got a hold of a sex tape with her in it. Going to go watch it now.

  • GOP

    Yup, I heard about this one on the radio. Danica is suing some people that hired the guy that supposedly took the tapes out of her trailer at a NASCAR event. I guess they were in a drawer in her bedroom and the dude was going through looking for shit to steal.

  • Patty_Cake

    Hot damn, shit just got real. Danica has always said she was “promiscuous” now she proves it on video. lol

    • Int_Clown

      She has also been known to be a real pushy bitch and her driving sucks. She needed a good fucking.

  • Ryan

    David, you are awesome thanks for telling it like it is. BRAVO!

  • #69 In The Lead

    I watched her leaked porno movie and can say without a doubt that it is in fact Danica Patrick. I also know that it is confirmed as they say, she is a complete brat and nympho. Even the local racing community has talked about this.


    Man Danica is one freaky ass chick!