Danielle has recently been caught up in a very nasty homemade video called the Danielle Staub sex tape video and we must say she does a pretty damn good job, however her body looks like a plastic surgeon training ground. LOL

Danielle Staub sat down with “Popeater” website to talk about the Danielle Staub sex tapes and why she made them and the meaning she hopes to find in it.

“You know, like everything else I’m doing in my life, it’s coming around for a reason. I’m just going to wait and see why. My reaction is, “What are you going to do?” she said. “Can I borrow a million dollars to shut this down please?” No!’”

Danielle also talked about how the mystery man featured in the video made her feel beautiful despite her deformed, cold, hard boobs.

“I did have problems with my implants. They were very painful and they were not pretty and they became less pretty over time,” she said. “He didn’t have a problem with that.”

The video features Staub acting like a total porn star as she does some things that are normally not done on a normal sex tape video.

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  • KimK

    Is it just me or does Danielle’s pussy look like a old taco?!

    • AbdulaRkim

      It does look like an old wrinkled blanket. Danielle Staub has had enough plastic surgey, she may as well get those pussy lips aka “meat curtains” clipped a bit.

      • SexTape Admin

        Agreed… Danielle Staub does have a nasty looking nude pussy. But hey at least she takes care of it ;)

    • trained elephant

      She can take pounding in that pussy and that ass so I’m sure she’s perfectly happy with that taco.

  • Raula

    Well I can see Danielle Staub likes it in the poop shoot also. Ewwwww I would rather put it whre it belongs.

  • manatee

    Danielle Staub got arrested by the FBI upteen years ago for what, not achieving celebrity sextape status yet?

  • leiitdown

    Shit Danielle Staub is fitty! She looks damn good for a woman of any age.

    • bobby

      She looks washed the fuck up! Less of the pill poppin and booze dousing would do her a world of good I’m sure

  • penandtack

    Holy crap this woman is freaky deaky!! But since that’s how I like my celebs then that pretty much makes me a huge fan of hers. I guess now I need to tune into New House Wives of New Jersey and catch up on her other stuff.

    • trained elephant

      Doesn’t she have another reality show coming out soon?

      • penandtack

        Supposedly she inked a deal with Scores gentleman’s club to do some all nude dancing there. But looks like she backed out citing she’s got some major fucking issues i.e. I like to party too much!

  • red sally

    “If you can’t beat ’em join ’em” You said it sister! You’re now a celeb and people wanna see more of you. Might as well get paid while doing it.

    • Jerry

      She did try to sue to get the video removed. But that may have been just her trying to get more attention on this video.

  • eljeffe

    How many tapes does Danielle Staub have now?