Superstar of the famous sitcom Will & Grace Debra Messing has been busted in some private sex tape videos with ex-husband Daniel Zelman and according to the recent reports the Debra Messing sex tape video is a real winner.

Story goes that shortly after graduating from NYU Debra and Daniel made a few personal videos in their New York City apartment together that the couple took together taking turns holding the camcorder. The video is said to feature a little bit of everything from walking around in the nude, having discussions about buying some things and then of course a great sex scene after Debra got out of the shower. The video is actually pretty decent quality and run time with everything is said to be around 42 minutes. Debra and Daniel still deny the videos existence… however, if they had no worry about the video and say it is not real why would they say they would sue the person that leaks the video, Seems strange for sure to us.

Daniel was asked again about the video recently by paparazzi and he replied, that was his private business and anyone that leaks any video of the two will be “taken care of”. Ouch kind of sounds like he is saying the person that leaked the video will be sleeping with the fishes.

Calls to Debra’s reps have been returned with the same exact reply that Daniel gave the paparazzi.

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  • Barbara WaWa

    Really Daniel Zelman? So of all the leaked tapes out there it is yours that will be “dealt with”. So if Bangladesh is responsible for leaking the thing what do you do? Invade the country Rambo style? Gi Daniel maybe?

    • MacandMe

      Me Daniel Zelman of the jungle. I will protect, well, nothing. Me have 4 active brain cells. But me know how to protect what is mine.

      So Daniel you and Debra are still together?


      Then what exactly are you protecting here?


    • Barbara WaWa

      Want to remake Commando? Well look no further than our very own resident bad ass Daniel Zelman. Okay I’ll stop.

  • I Cometh

    Well thank the good Lord! Here is a scandal worth scandalizing. You have here an A list celeb who is no longer with the guy in the vid. And now is reportedly seeing someone else. I’m keeping my ear to the ground on this one. Where there’s one sex scandal there’s another

  • Georgia

    Oh my Debra Messing? She is ms squeaky clean golden girl. But this really isn’t that much of a scandal. It’s more just a leak video of her and her ex’s love life. Though if somebody did lift this off of her computer then she sure does have some shit heal friends, or family.

  • Shack

    But she’s done nude photo shoots of herself before. Not sure if it was for playboy or anything but to me if you’re okay with that then why wouldn’t you be okay with seeing yourself on video with your man?

    • Def Def

      I’m sure she’s perfectly fine with seeing HERSELF on video having sex. But it really is quite another thing to have something like that public. There are plenty of women who don’t mind showing their bodies but who do not want to be seen in a porn.

  • Luke Peril

    Man best thing that could happen to Mr Daniel Zelman is being seen doing the whoopie with ms Messing. Unless she’s paying him alimony he’s not seeing a dime from her anymore.

  • Scary Larry

    I can see why she would be upset. She’s a hard working actor and took the long hard road coming up. She doesn’t want to be seen as a floozy. Plus she’s a private kind of gal so her sex life she would like to be private as well.

    • Kudos

      If she was so private why run the risk of having any video of yourself anywhere. I think that’s just good publicity to show she’s outraged and embarrassed by the thing. It makes the tape more appealing if it’s supposedly behind closed doors.

  • Jack B Quick

    Debra Messing is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. If I looked like her I’d have 47 videos of myself out there.

  • SamIam

    Wasn’t she in a lesbian relationship before? It is Hollywood, so if you’re not involved in an orgy or gay love then your pretty much unemployed

    • Jack B Quick

      That’s probably not too far off from the truth!

  • TheJuice

    This really can’t be that good for her. Those who put out videos or caught up in a sex scandal are not the ones who are winning Women in Film awards. She’s always been a rising star. She doesn’t need something like this to advance her career

    • Tom’s Jerry

      Or does she?

      • TheJuice

        She’s on a tv show right now! So she’s apparently got a job and a steady paycheck.

        • Tom’s Jerry

          Or is she

  • TheJuice

    She’s also been involved with Broadway plays. While it’s common place for Hollywood to have sex scandals coming out of their ears it doesn’t seem that big with Broadway. Or maybe no one just gives a shit about Broadway ; )

    • Tom’s Jerry

      No one does : )

  • Macdonald

    Debra Messing? I fucked ‘er. Ouuhh!