Demi Moore is known to have been a party girl since the 80’s and has been caught up in scandals constantly, however she is now on the list of celebrity sex tape videos after the Demi Moore sex tape video has apparently leaked to the net right after a ton of new nude pictures where leaked and reported by Star magazine. Seeing Demi Moore nude is nothing new as every male in the world has probably seen the incredibly famous Penthouse shoot and Demi has even had several 100 naked pics that have leaked over the years including some that where considered very hardcore.

Demi while she was still married to Bruce Willis in 1999 had an affair with martial arts expert Oliver Whitcomb and video of the two having sex on video tape was leaked after the camcorder used in the sexual session was stolen from Oliver’s house. Supposedly Oliver is holding the camera the entire time and the video is a bit bouncy as he could not keep the camera still (we understand) his difficulty. LOL After, the sex video leaked Oliver supposedly freaked out as this video proved that though Demi and Bruce had already decided on getting a divorce the video proved that while they where still married Demi had sex with Oliver many times even though she said that she never had a sexual relation with Oliver until the divorce was final.

Demi has also according to reports had several nude photo’s leak while with well known actor Ashton Kutcher during a play time session of the power couple after a party and both of them being drunk off their asses. During this time Demi also admitted that she had an issue with hard drugs and alcohol and most media outlets say that it is because she wanted to hang on to Ashton and show him that she was not an old cougar, though Demi and Ashton eventually split, however neither one of them has filed for divorce almost a year later.

Calls to Demi’s reps never got returned to us however Bruce’s reps did return our call: “Demi and Bruce have not been together in some time and Bruce has nothing to do with any of Demi’s scandals and we ask to leave Bruce out of the scandals. Demi has been going through some difficult times and should be left alone by the media so she can focus on her issues”. Bruce Willis is such a bad ass even his reps are awesome!

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  • Dimsum

    That’s what broke up Ashton and Demi’s marriage too. Three somes would turn into two somes when she wasn’t around.

  • Timed

    It’d been better if it was Demi and Ashton, or Demi and Bruce, or Demi, Bruce, and Ashton.

  • Forward_afn

    So somehow she landed on PETA’s Worst-Dressed List in 2009 for wearing fur and then two years later she supported the group’s efforts to ban circus workers’ use of bull hooks on elephants.

    • Crygame

      maybe that’s because after PEtA busted her with the fur on she changed her mind about stuff like that.

  • Action Spud

    Demi Moore is a tyrant! I certainly can see how her marriages all fell apart. It seems everyone who was ever in her employ has sued her at one time or another.

    • dropDead

      I read it was a house keeper who Demi actually sued for stealing her crap. I think the house keeper may have tried to sue back for harassment or something. But it was all baseless

  • LarryGuy

    No doubt she likes to ride the high hard one! She only has a thousand nude pics of herself out there. So she likes to be in her birthday clothes.

  • vergana

    How old is Demi Moore now, she’s pushin 50 or something right? But take a look at her. She’s a complete bombshell! She’s eating the right spinach or something because damn she fine!

    • Seven

      I wouldn’t kick her out of bed. If she’s anything like her sex romp then I bet she’s a whirlwind to be with : )

    • blast off

      It’s all that sex! Best exercise known to man

  • folly

    “Bruce Willis is such a bad ass even his reps are awesome” – How kick ass is that?!!

    • backsplash

      Fuck yeah!!

  • Fabfifteen

    She’s smart. Look at all of the roles she chooses. Even down to Striptease (I loved the movie). At the time she was the highest paid actress in Hollywood for that film. See, smart

  • soercha

    The things I would do to Demi Moore. Yummy

  • melocn7

    She’s always seemed to keep herself in the conversation in Hollywood. She never fell from the public eye dating back to her Vanity spread where she posed nude when she was pregnant back in 91. That’s a hell of a stellar career she’s been able to carve out for herself.

  • backsplash

    Bruce Willis!