More drama for the Basketball Wives star Draya Michele as her ex-boyfriend David Miranda has filed a lawsuit requesting their private sex tape footage back before it leaks to the net (too late!) or her (talking about Draya) “greedy ass sells the footage for profit”. David caught wind that the tapes in question are being shopped to adult companies trying to see how much she could get for the very explicit romp-fest of the then cute couple.

The video is great quality being filmed on an HD product and about 2 full hours of several scenes from simple playing around to sweaty ruff nasty sex that would make anyone jealous.The male in the tapes that we can safely say is probably David Miranda as it looks like him and well he is the one that filed suite against Draya Michele to try and gain control over the “content” in question does a pretty damn good job himself. All we know is that David should not try to block these babies as Draya is sexy as can be and David is a pretty decent performer and we all know the perks a good performer can get after everyone sees the tapes. *cough* Ray J

Calls to Draya’s reps have not been returned to us or TMZ but our call to David’s representation came back to us like this “Right now we are looking close into the situation and taking appropriate steps to gain control over the sex tape video content. If the individual(s) that currently have the videos post them without David’s consent and he is in fact in the videos we will take legal action.” Hmmm this seems to us to sound pretty damn familiar… oh that is because every single celeb that has a tape “leak” has their attorney say the exact same thing. There must be some sort of legal sex tape video script these guys are using. LOL

UPDATE – Draya was hit up by the paparazzi and when asked about the tapes she said “it is what it is baby”. That ah girl, don’t take no s**t from David!

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  • Gothem

    Dis chick has a phat ass and is sexy as hell. I watch the show and have always wondered what she be like in bed, now I will know. w00t!

  • Dubs

    Agree 100% with Gothem she is one fine ass woman and is definitely not afraid to show her sexiness.
    I remember reading Draya had an interview with UsMagazine.com and said here is 25 things you may not know about me, she left out that she loved making sex tapes. LOL

    1. I tell the baristas at Starbucks that my name is Nicole.

    2. My mom was the biggest Teena Marie fan ever. I grew up listening to her, I know every word to all of her songs and I’d been to two of her concerts.

    3. I believe in psychics.

    4. I have a phobia of electrical sockets…I once got shocked by the vacuum.

    5. I really do feel 21 when I walk inside Forever 21.

    6. I love cooking dinner.

    7. I despise cooking breakfast.

    8. I went to school to be an aesthetician. I was always fascinated with skin.

    9. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and eat cookies in my sleep.

    10. I have a patch of gray hairs in the front of my head that I refuse to dye. Instead, I pluck them.

    11. For two years straight, I painted my nails Big Apple Red from OPI. I’ve finally moved on.

    12. I want a daughter. Soon.

    13. I think social networking is crucial to stay relevant and fresh nowadays.

    14. I tried being a vegetarian three times, and failed miserably.

    15. I’d like to say my Spanish food is pretty good.

    16. I could totally sing backup for Alicia Keys.

    17. Cigarette smoke is the second worst smell ever, with cigar smoke being number one.

    18. I know all the classic California beach oldies from working at Hooters.

    19. I’ve never had the guts to do karaoke before, but I want to so bad.

    20. I took a robe from the Vdara Hotel & Spa in Las Vegas three years ago, and I’ve been doing my makeup in it everyday since.

    21. I’m an Aquarius. Yes, I believe we are superior.

    22. When I was younger, I wanted to be Posh Spice. Now that I’ve grown up, I want to be Victoria Beckham.

    23. I have a purse inside my purse. That shows how frequently I change purses.

    24. I want to be known for my beauty secrets and sense of humor. That’s all I want…is that too much to ask?

    25. I’m no fun when I’m hungry on the set of Basketball Wives, so there always has to be food on set.

  • Chris Washington

    Seems like a to of celebs making tapes these days are reality stars. They see how well it works for careers and go for it. I understand completely why these women are doing what they are doing and don’t really see any slow down of celeb sex tapes any time soon, if anything there will be more and more with today’s technology advances. Isn’t there some other tapes from Teen Mom, American Idol and Love & Hip Hop out there? It is like a never ending waterfall of celeb sex.

  • DR

    I want to make a sex tape with Draya Michele please.

    • Quizlo

      Who wouldn’t want to make a sex tape with her goofball? lol

  • The Man

    I had no idea who Dray Michele was but saw it trending and it got me here. Now I know ;)

  • Scott

    So has Draya fessed up to the sex tapes yet or is she still denying that she was shopping the videos around?

  • Cat Eyes

    Yes, Draya has gone on the record saying they do exist but is unsure where they are. LMAO! She knows damn well where they are come on girl man up!!!!

  • Luke_O’Brian


  • ET

    I am confused on the entire Dray, Erica and Bow Wow deal. I understand that Draya and Erica are connected but who is Bow Wow hitting now?

  • Sissy

    Draya Michele is trending on Twitter for Basketball Wives LA and #BBWLA after Shaq and Terrell Owens ex-wives were talking about everyone seeing Draya Michele’s pussy on the internet. HAHA! That show is like a constant cat fight of gold diggers! Hey I got an idea… lets get a Basketball Wives of Los Angeles sex tape addition. That would be much better than the crap they have on now. lol Love this site!