Elizabeth Gillies or better known “Liz” for her role of Jade West on Victorious and more recently the star of “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll” has been busted according to reports with a sex tape video of her very own recently featuring her ex Logan Miller.

According to our sources the tape shows what is said to be Liz with Logan in a quick 6 minute video from a camera hidden up very high as the video almost seems to be filming from the ceiling. Sources are unsure whether or not either one of the celebs in the video knew they where being filmed during a sexual hookup but from what we can see they seemed to have not, as neither one of them ever even look up at the camera. Normally, the one that knows the recording is happening will look at the recorder at least once from our experience. The video is of pretty good quality and shows the couple in a simple missionary position and the male in the tape said to be Logan pulls out and does his business on her belly. We have taken a look at the video ourselves and will only say that this is a maybe as you never really get to see the faces however the body features are definitely there.

We have put out calls to Elizabeth’s reps about the recent sex tape news hopeful to hear back from them very shortly.

[UPDATE] – We have received a call from the PR team of Logan Miller about the tape with Liz and they replied: “We have heard the rumors of the video said to be of our client and can assure you at no point did Mr. Miller know he was being filmed and we will be taking steps to investigate the issue responsibly.” Pretty much the same old professional reply… we are still waiting to hear back from Liz’s reps.

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  • Da Ripper

    Come on, you can see plain as day that it is Liz. I agree you can not see the male’s face in the video but you can see her face plain as day. I am not sure it is Logan though as the guy has a bit darker hair and Liz and Logan dated in like 2011 and this looks to be pretty recent. All these Disney and Nickelodeon girls seem to be getting their groove on pretty quick on tape after turning 18. I guess it is the whole Kim K making it a good thing to have a sex tape or something.

  • Agent B

    Isn’t Gillies real good friends with Ariana Grande? Maybe they are all taking advice from one another about leaking sextapes to make sure to stay in the media. I also agree with (Da Ripper) you can see the girl very well but not the dude, I think it is her from what I can see.

  • Robin Lark

    Liz has been haning out with some pretty suspect people latley, I bet it was one of them that leaked the video.

    • Erica Louis

      Your probably right.

  • Nathon

    Actually Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies both starred on Victorious so they where both co-stars. ;)

  • Hector R

    I wounder if she was the victim of the latest hacking scandal that just happened where the hacker was selling non-released movie scripts, nude pics and video from celebs.