Ellen DeGeneres sex tape video is now in the media and is said to feature her former lover Anne Heche from 1997 that includes some very loving lesbian sex scenes after the two had been drinking hard at a local get together with friends.

The video features Ellen and Anne or a couple that is the spitting image of the two having sex errrr pleasuring each other anyways… for about 45 minutes in a local LA hotel. The two go down on each other for about 15 min each while using a small dildo and vibrator and also walk around nude talking about just random stuff. There is also rumors of a video with Ellen and a un-known male from about 20 years ago in a 3 min clip that was released from what was said to have really been an ex-boyfriend.

Ellen of course you all know is famous for her part on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and is no stranger to scandals coming out as gay in the 90’s and nude photo’s shortly there after, so I guess this makes yet another gay celebrity sex tape video to add to the list.

Calls to Ellen’s staff and show have never been returned to us, though we would love to hear how she feels about the videos in question.