Emilia Clarke known as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series Game of Thrones, may very well be our next celeb to star in her own sex tape video, according to the reports that are talking about a video recently leaked featuring ex-boyfriend Seth MacFarlane and Emilia. We hope the gods are good to us on this one, as we feel Emilia is one of the sexiest women on the planet, especially with that sexy white hair!

According to reports, during the short time that Seth and Emilia were a couple they made several naughty videos together that are said to be very good in quality and even better in quality. The video being talked about was filmed sometime in 2013 and shows what appears to be Emilia with dark hair (sorry not the white hair like she has on the series) getting laid from behind. We have seen the video and can tell you that you do not see the male in the video said to be Seth and the woman in the video said to be that of Emilia only looks up at the camera a handful of times but does in fact look to be Emilia.

There has also been reports of the most recent hacking producing more nude pictures and video of Emilia but as of yet we have been unable to confirm the rumors.

[UPDATE] – After contacting Emilia’s reps they have semi-confirmed that the recent hacking scandal is under investigation and had no comment at this time on any stolen property from the actress or Seth.

[UPDATE] – A new sex tape said to be that of Jai Courtney and Emilia Clarke have surfaced. If you remember, Jai and Emilia dated seriously in 2015. The video is being said by sources to show Emilia giving a “well done” blow job to her at the time man. We have looked at the video and it is in fact a good one, however we are not going to confirm or deny the authenticity of the tape, and will leave that up tot the public to decide. Either way it is definitely worth a watch.

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  • The World Is Mine!

    Emilia is so fucking sexy in Game of Thrones, I love that white hair and flawless body to bad her hair was not white in her sex tapes.

    • Mindy

      That’s because in the show she wore a wig, her natural color I believe is dark… though she has colored it many different colors like blonde, red etc etc.

  • Ernie

    She was Esquire Sexiest Woman Alive in 2015, I can now see why.

  • Barney5

    Emilia Clarke is nude in just about every film she has been in but we have never seen that pussy. watching her video was like opening a present on Christmas. Good find!

  • Danny Wilson

    When in the hell did Seth MacFarlane and Emilia date? I guess a better question would be why would she date someone like that?

    • Sabrina_965

      They dated in 2013 and what do you mean by “why would she date someone like that?” Seth is rich, funny, good looking, helps charity and has a great personality. What else could you possibly want in a man?

  • Dr. Andrew

    I was watching Game of Thrones on Netflix and got here by clicking a Youtube link about her nude pics and tape after a new recent hacking incident. Do I just sign up to be a member to watch the real sex video? Is it really only $1 to watch all the tapes you have? Do you have a customer support line if I do not like the members area?

    • Midget Porn Rules!

      The owners do not monitor the comments area but I can answer your questions as I am a member. Yes, any video they discus they have in the members area for adults only. Yes, it is only $1 to try, but know this… once you get in the members area you will never want to leave. They always answer any emails even private requests like I had from the site contact page. Good Luck!

  • Saphari

    I would like to also watch the Emilia Clarke sex tape please. Can I use someone’s login please!

  • Gwen Lockhead

    Is this girl even of age???? She looks much younger than 18.

    • Hist.

      I know right, she looks real young. But they would not be able to post the video if she was underage, so she must have been at least 18 years old.