“Bad Girls Club” Erica Lynne did one thing very well on her reality show… she had sex on set with her at the time very well hung boyfriend and we have the Erica Lynne sex tape video to prove it.

The video has been made available from Vivid after the company bought the rights to the video and wow, Erica is not a shy one doing everything possible in front of everyone that wanted to watch in her interracial sex tapes. There is about 15 different full sex tapes wrapped into one featuring everything from a quick public blow job to full hardcore sex in the sets hot tub and bedroom areas. The un-known bbc male reminds us f Ray J as dude is packing some serious meat.

The tapes feature many crazy night sessions in great high quality format for our viewing pleasure as it was shot with professional cameras in tons of positions. Come one, come all! The part of the video that seems to be everyone’s favorite is when Erica starts to give dude a hand job while he is trying to drive and then ends up going down on him… how he did not get into a wreck baffles our mind.

Calls to Erica Lynne’s reps have been returned: “Erica regrets a few of the sexual acts that she performed on the set, however is not ashamed of anything she did in front of cast and crew”.