The “Love & Hip Hop” ladies just keep turning out sex tapes with now another member joining the trend self-proclaimed “daddy’s little girl” Erica Mena. Reports surfaced of a video featuring Erica getting the nasty on with non other than herself in a masturbation tape that could make any man wounder just how the hell he could do any better. lol

The tape starts out with a confirmed Erica Mena positioning the camera to get a good shot of her getting ready to take care of herself. She then proceeds with rubbing herself till she just about peaks then grabs a vibrator and finishes the deal off. Run time of the tape is about 15 minutes, but a very explosive scene for sure as she ends up with a mega orgasm that probably felt like a earthquake.

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  • Dub Sack

    Dem Love & Hip Hop Bitches are a sexy bunch of hoe’s.

  • Future.Love

    That show cracks me up those girls are nothing more than media whore gold diggers that do nothing but scheme and fight. It is of no surprise to me at all that yet another one made a sex tape. Erica said the video was meant only for Shad and is unsure what happened (how it leaked). I would say that the Bow Wow kid probably showed it to a friend or two and then it was doomed from there. Men are pigs, remember that ladies, what you do today can easily bite you in the arse tomorrow.

    • Billy Goat

      “what you do today can easily bite you in the arse tomorrow.” Aint that the truth!

  • Martha

    Erica was talking about her sex tape on her Twitter account… she admitted to doing the nasty on tape and said that she now regrets it. I bet, now that her ass is solid in the media and engaged to the little rich rapper dude Bow Wow. I have seen the video and yeah it is good that little Bow Wow is a lucky little shit, what a life. Wish I was a celeb. Give me 5 seconds with her though and I could turn her to the right side.

  • CN

    Damn! This girl is super bad ass!!!!! Never even heard of her before but Erica is beautiful… I want one!

    • Peter Pecker

      Yup! I agree with ya *CN* Erica Mena is one fine ass biotch with a great booty and so glad to see her little naughty sex tape video. BRAVO GIRL!

  • Rasta Muba

    My god Erica and Draya Michele are gay I had no idea. LOL they have been eating carpet for a long time and that is well known and a threesome sex tape? I would hate to think they wouldn’t make one or several. And to answer your question about Chris Brown. No, there is not a woman in the ebony celeb biz that he has not slept with, he is a total pimp. end of story ;)