ESPN’s own Erin Andrews has been caught up in her very own celebrity sex tape video scandal and a video titled simply the Erin Andrews sex tape video has now leaked to the net for everyone’s viewing pleasure after video was taken at a local hotel.

The video is very real and was taken without her knowledge as the sex on tape was recorded through a peep hole in her hotel room by a known peeping tom catching every private moment she had for several hours. Looking through the peephole the camera caught her walking around nude, getting her drink on and though she does not have sex with anyone she masturbates so well in the video that there is no need for a partner.

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  • Ronnie

    Funny How Erin Andrews was always like all these celebs having sex on tape are horrible and then boom it happens to her and it is not that bad anymore. All these celebs that talk shit on other celebrities for being caught nude need to just not say anything because sooner or later a tape will pop up and then you will be sitting there with your foot in your mouth.

  • Eagle Fan

    Man that shit is crazy that she was being filmed like the entire time. She sure picked a bad time to masturbate on that bathroom floor. The peephole in the hotel trick is nothing new, they have people that check for that type of thing for power celebs. Checking the motel room for bugs and video recording. To bad Erin was not more of a power celeb or she would have caught the peephole. Either way Erin is smoking fucking hot and love the footage!

  • Mr. Green

    I bet the guy recording Erin through the peeping tom hole in the wall was like…