Ladies and gentlemen we now have a runner for the best tape ever that may just beat Kim Kardashian’s sex tape video you can watch here sales numbers and that would be… The Teen Mom Farrah Abraham full sex tape porn video that was just released! The tape was made with a stud in the stables of the porn industry by the name of James Deen who has starred in many adult films and was able to talk Farrah into making a sex tape because he said it would defiantly “further her celebrity status”. We have to admit the video is well done and Farrah is super hot just like Kim Kardashian was back in the day.

The video features very explicit well filmed scenes including an anal scene that is probably one of the best we have ever seen in a sex tape video. Run time is about an hour and shows Abraham doing everything from showing her kitty in public to having the anal sex scene that lasted for what seemed to be forever. The video rights where sold and released to the public just now and downloads are at an all time high for her very nasty tapes. So don’t just sit there watch the video and tell us what your thoughts on it are. We loved all of it!

[UPDATE] – Farrah recently went on record saying that she is glad she made the video she is celebrating her beautiful body. We agree 100% with ya babe ;)

[UPDATE] – Farrah has been on the reality show Couples Therapy and said that making the video was one of the worst decision of her life as she has had a hard time (no pun intended) with finding a reliable man. We just want Abraham to know that we are there for her anytime she needs. LOL

[UPDATE] – Oh Jeez… seems that there was some un-released footage that has made its way to the net and they are titling it “Farrah Abraham 2 Backdoor & More” as MTV Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, gets kinky & dominated in this exclusive never before seen footage as she gets banged in the butt over a sex swing & totally raunchy on a stripper pole until she begs for more! Not sure what happened to all those tears from Farrah about how making her sex tape was her worst decision in life ever. Guess she had a change of heart.

[UPDATE] – Mrs Abraham is pissed off at Vivid for “not following through on money said they would pay me” and has decided for a career change… now stripping in an Austin, TX strip club that gave her a very large sum of money up front, a new car and paid her rent to start her out. Wow! We have been to some strip clubs and heard of them trying to bring in “talent” but damn, they really must have wanted Farrah as we have never heard of a club kicking in like this for a stripper to come work for them. Farrah said “Vivid did not follow through on promises of money so I need to do what I need to do to survive”. Well said Farrah… well said! On another note this is not the first time that Vivid has been accused of not paying what they promise to their stars and we are sure will not be the last. When will these celebs learn to come to us.

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of SexTape.com. I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.
  • Bloke

    Farrah is super hot in the video! I think she is much hotter than Kim’s big ass and the video quality is perfect. Was it HD? Anyways, my review on the tape is that it is a must see for anyone who likes sex tapes. I also watched Farrah on the Couples therapy show and where she broke down crying about making the sex tape. I was like wtf are you crying about, you made what is probably the best celeb video out there, buck up there little princess! You did great!

  • Tina

    I remember watching her on teen mom she was a sweet girl.

  • DuCeS

    Farrah Abraham what the hell lady are you doing with that tool James Deen?! Get you a real man, like me that would take care of you and be your slave ;)~

    • Donald

      In your dreams dude. LMAO!

    • Flamingo Rides

      You willing to go all the way there *DuCeS* I mean lick her pooper? Because from what I could see in the tape, James did go all in that butt hole of hers with his tongue. LMFAO! That shits nasty.

  • Eating Whool

    What ever happened to her after the Counseling show? I figured she would do some big things. I wounder why she did not do as well as Kim Kardashian. I guess her mother wasn’t her manager like Kim’s mom was. DOH! Farrah is real damn sexy though, I would totally do her and I am a woman.

  • 0U812

    Ok, gents get off her nuts… is she pretty? Yes, she is super fine. Do I feel bad for her? Hell no, she knew exactly what she was doing when her and the porn star guy hooked up. Do I believe she was misled? Absolutely, James and probably Steve Heirch at Vivid probably made it sound like she was going to be bigger than Kim K if she did this sex tape. Well the bad news is though it was a great video. She unfortunately went more of the professional rout and that my friends is why Farrah Abraham’s tape will not do as well as Kim’s. I know I know Kims was set up as well but let’s face it. The more professional a video is done the less individuals seem to like it. I think just straight up amateur is where it is at meaning it would have been better shot from FPS point of view rather than having someone man the camera. Ok, I will get off my soap box. L8tr

  • Rock-n-Roll Guy

    I personally think that Farrah Abraham’s sex tape video is the bomb. This girl (not sure how old she is now) is very talented in the bed. The video is simply amazing!

    Rock-n-Roll Guy

  • Botnet Guru

    Just watched the Farrah Abraham tapes and damn it was good. Seemed a little pro but I am sure that was her boyfriends doing. But, this is definitely a girl that knows what the hell she is doing. I only wish my wife would take some lessons from Farrah. lol

  • Janet Jameson

    Agreed. I would show her what a real woman is like. I was surprised when she did the anal scene in the video, she was a real trooper and I was like OMG that has to be painful!

  • Lakers Fan

    Farrah is a total freak in this video. The guy in the tapes kind of ruins it as he is so professional but hey Abraham makes up for it with her cute little ass. Speaking of ass, is it just me or is more and more celebs taking it in the ass after the Kim Kardashian tape? I think every single one that has leaked in the last few years has an anal scene. Not complaining or anything but damn… been trying to get my wife to do anal for 20 years.!!!!

  • William

    Yup Lakers Fan… I agree they are all doing anal now. Farrah though looked like a complete champion and really did a sweet job. I liked the limo ride sex they had where she was showing her pussy. It looked so damn good. ;)

  • GTR Lover

    Here Wiki page now has her labeled as a pornographic actress LOL! I agree with Wiki though Farrah knew damn well what she was doing and knew damn well she was going to sell the rights to the sex tape. No doubt at all, 100%

    • Willy Neck

      That’s funny… well now she is just going from state to state doing promotional stuff for different products. She was working for a strip club for a minute.

  • Dancer

    I would do the same thing Farrah did as you can see it worked. She is in the news a lot (not as much as Kim Kardashian’s fine ass but enough). She is making money and branding products. Any time she gets talked about she makes $$$ I would take that gig any day and for what having sex on tape?! Sign my ass up! BTW.. I like this site a lot, why have I never heard of you guys here before?

    • Richard

      Don’t forget about her book it did pretty good as well “My Teenage Dream Ended” and I am sure she is still making money off that as well as all the other shit she is into now.

  • Lonnie 69

    I want to have sex with Farrah Abraham please.

  • Loaded Diaper

    HAHA! If you like the Farrah Abraham sex tape you are going to love what I just found out:

    11/21/14 – According to Starcasm on Wednesday, Kardashian has commissioned a three-dimensional silicon reproduction of her own butt for husband Kanye West. The gift cost over $2,000 to create and goes back to Abraham’s sex toy line, which debuted on July 11. Abraham’s cyberskin TM products are molded from her own puntang and butt hole having led to a number of guest appearances, promos, and other self-promotion. It was back in June, just before the release of her sex toy line when Abraham first slammed the comparisons between her and Kardashian. “I really don’t [think we’re similar]…” insisted the former Teen Mom during a June 13 interview with Hollywood Life (featured below). “She makes a lot of different choices, as well do I, so we’re very much different.”

    So there ya have it like I said if you like Farrah’s sex tape videos why not go buy her pussy! HAHAHA Now if I could just get a hold of Kim Kardashians ass we would be in business!

  • Gay Bob

    So… Farrah wined and moaned about how she was so sad and making her sex video was the worst thing she could have ever done to the therapist. Then she turns around makes a part II to her sex tape labeled anal something and has her butt hole and pussy made into a sex toy? That my friends is classic!

  • Rich Da Rich

    lol Farrah is such a liar… she crys about making her sex tapes then turns around and has more “leaked” footage and cuts a deal to have her pussy molded for sale to pervs all over the world… Shit, I am going to go get one now, where do I sign up! LOL

  • Mr Lawrence

    Oh this poor lost soul, Farrah Abraham is going down the wrong path like all these celebrities. God will judge you and you will not be pleased. Remember, he is watching you at all times…. even while you are sitting in your chair right now getting ready to please yourself to the Farrah Abraham sex tapes. Just remember that when you unzip your pants. ;) God Bless you all!!!!

  • Blade9656

    I have read in more than one place that the guys at Vivid end up screwing celebs out of money. Not only that they are scamming affiliates. I can totally see why Farrah Abraham has had to result to a strip club… Do you remember Octomom did the same thing even after Red Light another adult production company made tons of promises and did not deliver. If these girls where smart they would build their own sites and do it that way rather than make some smut peddler rich.

  • Linda

    Have you guys seen the Farrah Abraham full part 2 back door video yet? It was pretty damn funny as she kind of acts like it hurts. I could have taken that dong with ease!

  • Bloody Hell

    Farrah is fucking annoying… I watched her on that reality show and could not stand her little whinny ass. The girl does know how to fuck though so that is + 2 points. ;)

  • Blind Mice

    Farrah just leaked a bunch of nude pictures of herself. Seems like some celeb is trying to stay in the news.

  • Kerr R. Thompson

    I watched the Farrah Abraham full sex tape and liked it. I can’t believe the anal scene she did, I was like wow. I recommend this video for sure.

    • Suisse

      Did you watch the other one in there “Backdoor Part II” It was un-released video held back for the part 2 promotion. James Dean tore that bitch up.

  • Blogmuffinman

    Farrah is now claiming that the porn company she was working for when she made the backdoor videos with James Dean knew she was being raped off camera.