Gordon Ramsay does have several sex tape videos floating around and this has been confirmed after the power chef Gordon Ramsay sex tape video hit the net in a big way!

The videos of Gordon Ramsay and his lover from 2008 Sarah Symonds are said to be very hardcore and at times very rough (ya think?)… Sarah was recently contacted by authorities and asked for about such media and she told them she has misplaced the videos.

According to Sarah Symonds reportedly was having an affair with the crazy celebrity chef and even wrote a book about the fling. The Metropolitan Police recently contacted her following their investigation into the the world news media phone hacking scandal of 2011.

Why you ask?!?

“They seemed to have found sensitive information on Gordon and me, including sex-tapes and transcripts of our personal meetings towards the end of our hot love affair in 2008, and intimate phone conversations and voice mails.” Symonds goes on saying: “I know from a source that there is a sextape, I wonder if the police have found it though, and if so what happens to it? I am desperately trying to find out as I do not want to be left in the dark in this matter!” So far no such tape has surfaced but knowing there’s one out there means it could appear at any time. We’ll keep you posted.

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  • Scott Paulson

    Gordon Ramsay? Really? No, seriously…. REALLY? Is there any celeb that you DONT have?

  • Busted

    He has a crazy temper on him, he is probably ruff in bed

  • jeremy g

    On the next Gordon Ramsay show sex will be had back stage with a meal to follow. LOL

  • Call me Momma

    Gordon Ramsey as in Hell’s Kitchen Gordon Ramsey? I so love him. Now that is a sex tape I would watch over and over again boys!

  • Lewisst

    So here’s a guy that will dick you down, fix you breakfast, and make you famous on his sex tape he’s recorded with you. A romantic no doubt.

    • Ouch

      He might pound you into the bed frame and throw you a dirty sanchez on the way out but certainly a romantic

  • DantheMan

    So I read on the news that this guy’s tape came out because of the Rupert Murdock investigation. Does that mean Rupert Murdock had this material? But then, why? If it’s not for his own personal spank bank was he trying to hold this over the guy’s head?

    • Shelly

      Ya never know, this could have gone down as the funniest blackmail ever. Where Rupert Murdock would say hey Gordon make me a souffle. Gordon would respond go fuck yourself Rupert. And of course Rupert would be like Yeah, instead of that how about that souffle . . . bitch. Or do i have to break out to the tabloids what I have hidden in my vault?

  • HelloKitty

    This I have to see!!

  • Eva

    Gordon Ramsey absolutely kills me. First off I’m glad may have a tape out there. He’s entertaining in the kitchen and I’m sure he doesn’t disappoint in the bedroom either. But this guy has had more plastic surgery more than most women?! Why, well because he just can’t get enough of himself that’s why. Kills me!!

  • James

    This guy could not be a bigger dick if he wanted to! I actually saw him once at an event in LA you would have thought you were standing next to the Queen of England to see how shitty he was to everyone.

  • Car Ram Rod

    Sometimes when a celeb comes out with a video of themselves naked or getting it on with someone it’s pretty shocking. Not this time. To me it’s like, well of course this guy has some exposed material of himself out there

  • Davey Jones

    Ah how the rumor mill turns! But when there’s smoke there’s fire. Never one ever would have thought Tiger Woods was a sex freak. But then some rumors and pow there it is Tiger can’t keep his dick in his pants. So there’s talk of Gordon Ramsey having sex? Yeah he’s got videos of him hanging off the rafters with a lamp stuck up his ass