Reports have finally answered our prayers with the American actress, singer and model Hayden Panettiere sex tape video that has been said to have been leaked by none other than heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko or at least the guy that worked on Wladimir’s broken IPhone glass.

As the story goes… Hayden and Wladimir supposedly dated in 2010, at which point sometime Wladimir was able to catch Hayden on his mobile phone giving him sexual pleasure, featuring both oral and full on doggy style intercourse. The sex tapes run time is only about 6min, but does not disappoint, as what appears to be Hayden is butt ass naked from start to finish. Being able to see one of the finest women around, getting down and dirty with a man that is said to be one of the best fit on the planet, well that my friends is worth watching every minute!

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  • Ricky Lover

    Damn man, how old was Hayden when she made these tapes? She looks so damn young, or I am just getting to damn old. LOL

  • Peter Pan

    This is a must see video… you get to watch her shave her legs and pussy, then she sucks the guy off via pov porn style. Loved this tape more than Kim’s.

  • Britin Wins

    Nothing better than watching a fine ass celebrity shave her private area, preparing for a little love making session. LOVED IT! Hayden does not disappoint and you will watch this tape at least a few times. Make sure you have plenty of lotion on hand ;)~