Spencer Pratt has unearthed a very long girl-on-girl sex tape with Heidi Montag and Playboy Playmate superstar Karissa Shannon, so now there is a Heidi Montag sex tape video and a Karissa Shannon sex tape film that kicks butt.

According to verified sources Spencer was at the Malibu house he once upon a time shared with Heidi and Karissa and this is where Spencer came upon a camera with sex video of Heidi and Karissa going at it like wild bunnies. Spencer quickly decided he could make a mint selling his newly found videos, so he recorded them to DVD discs and visited several adult studios including the big dogs Vivid and Playboy.

The videos feature Heidi and Karissa in a full blown lesbian sex session including plenty of dildos, vibrators and fingers with no men allowed. Darnit! We must say that we have never seen a full lesbian sex tape video with two of the hottest chicks on the planet, but damn, this has got to be one of the best celebrity adult videos on the planet!

Calls to Spencer, Heidi and Karrisa’s reps have been returned and confirmed the videos are real: “We are aware of the videos and yes they are real, we are working on the details at this time and making sure no one gets screwed.” LOL!!!!

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  • Roshanda

    I remember Heidi Montag when she was on “The Hills” I actually liked watching it, thought it was funny as shit!

    • crazy_horse

      I watched it simply because of Heidi and all those skimpy oops outfits she wore all the time showing her naughty parts often ;)

  • hater

    My god… Heidi and Karissa going at it in a sex tape, does it get any better than this! Neither one of them are straight up lesbian or gay, they have both said they are full bi-sexual and have been for a long time. I bet Spencer had some wild ass nights with the girls when they all lived together in Malibu. Man, what I would give to have been his ass for a day living with two of the finest ass girls in the world.

  • linda

    Spencer Pratt is an idiot and Heidi is an idiot for sticking with him. I think the whole breakup thing was a total media blitz to get them in the news. Karissa’s sex tapes with Sam are good, I bet these are just crazy.

  • wicked

    love me some wicked ass girl on girl sex tapes. Though this will not be the first as Tila and her girlfriends had done the same thing and that was with 3 chicks. But none of the girls in that sex-tape are even close to the same caliber of sexiness like Heidi and Karissa.

    I want to be in the middle of those 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fancy Fan

      Tila Tequila sucks! And she is no where the caliber of Heidi Montag or Karissa Shannon. Then you have the both of them together in the same video? Enough to make mah head explode (both).

    • Fieldy

      Ha Ha!! Where do I sign the fuck up?!!

  • liz

    Karissa was pissed about these sex tapes but was ok with the interracial sex tape videos that she made with Sam Jones???? Heidi needs to tell Karissa to fuc$ off… Karissa is obviously just pissed of that she is not the person in charge of the videos.

    • arron

      I was thinking this exact same thing, I have no idea how Karrisa could be all pissed off when she already made a deal with Vivid for the other sex video she made with that black dude. Celebrities are crazy people.

    • Brat

      Of course she’s pissed. Spencer Pratt is beholden of the these tapes. I’d be pissed too if that jerk wad had control of my some super sexy girl on girl fuck romp! Who the fuck made him king shit? He’s not even in the damn video. Go suck a nut and leave the hotness to us to enjoy!

  • gary69

    All I know people is that Heidi and Karrisa having sex with eachother is a video everyone has got to see. There is a ton of happy gay women out there right now LOL!!!

    • Brat

      Not to mention a lot of happy straight guys too!

  • Faron

    Girl on Girl celeb sex. Nice!!

  • Billed

    A playboy playmate and a hot ass reality tv star getting it on. Now we’re talkin!! So what’s up with Spencer Pratt having acesss to all of this?! How lucky is this guy. Damn yo!

    • Fieldy

      Shit married the right girl who happens to like the right ladies : ). Shit that mother fucker is one smart cookie if you ask me. He’s done nothing but kick ass (and fuck it) and take names as soon as he hit the spot light

  • Farva

    i want more please!

  • Stan

    Even better Spencer and Heidi are going back to reality tv. So you know there’s more dirt to follow!

  • Sylvia

    Heidi Montag is such a beautiful woman. I have no idea why she thought she needed 10! plastic surgeries in one day