Uh Oh, the Hulk Hogan sex tape rumors have been confirmed the real deal with elite swinger wife Heather cole! Hulk who is of course a retired American celebrity professional wrestler, actor, television dude, musician and investment guru has been busted with ex-wife now of “Bubba the Love Sponge DJ” (they are well known swingers in the wife swapping community of the elite) and she according to sources has been trying to make the Hulk Hogan exposed tape scandal with him for a very long time! After the sex fest with Hulk you can hear Bubba tell his lady that just got pinned “If we ever need to retire, here is our ticket”. That means that Bubba the Love Sponge and the sexy lady set the Hulk up… OUCH!!!!

Heather is an extremely nice looking young girl that has no problem doing whatever the Hulk wants her to do and is a must see for any Hulk Hogan fan for sure! Hulk Hogan whiled married to Linda Hogan (oops!) wrestles this little beauty on the bed after eating at a local bar and in the sex tape the “king” can definitely be considered the big wiener, uh we mean winner. ;) Run time on the full video is approx 30min long and features Hulk getting oral sex and then proceeds to pin her ass to the bed wrestle-mania style with out Hogan even realizing he was on camera during the entire sexual encounter.

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  • Scott Paulson

    OMG!! Is his cum green? LOL

    • Busted

      That’s “The Hulk” goofy not Hulk Hogan…

  • Gary G

    I still remember when Andre the Giant whooped his ass back in the 80′s, simply awesome!

  • billie b

    speaking of the giant i wonder if he has an older sex porn out there

  • Lewist G

    Alright at some point it just gets silly. Isn’t HulkHogan pushing it out there on the age thing. I mean at some point it stops being a celebrity sex tape and it becomes elderly porn.

  • WWE

    Hulk Hogan sex video hmmm… not sure I want to see that though I do love wrestling. Any time they have a match at the local stadium I am there. I heard that his ex-wife Linda Hogan has a sex tape video movie with some young black kid now… have you guys looked into that yet?

  • NWO Baby

    Hulk Hogan is the man bar none. He has always been my favorite wrestler out of all of them since I was a kid in the 80′s. Hulk Hogan sex tape video scandal damn right I am going to watch that puppy and add it to my collection! Has he remembered who the girl is in the video yet? Just curious who leaked the video…

  • Bridget

    Hulk Hogan hanging out with swingers and they ended up filiming him when he was not aware of it. Hmm… I guess if you sleep with trash, trashy things happen.

  • louis_00

    All I got to say is thanks for the great post and I watched the sex video and damn! Hulk Hogan has a big dong, I thought for sure he would have a small penis but I was wrong. If Hulk Hogan was smart he would just go with it and make some change out of the deal, we have all seen it now and once on the internet a sex tape never goes away no matter how hard they try. He will just go with it sooner or later, just look at the press he is getting right now on every news site on the net. Celebrities that have a weak celeb status just need to make a sex video and boom, back in the press like crazy for what could be years.

    Bravo Hulk, you may not have lasted very long but you sure do have a nice package!

  • Pats Fan







  • Karen Livley

    OMG… I love the full video, Hulk Hogan is so sexy….. I go to see him anytime I can when he shows up to matches. Is the girl in the scandal Heather famous for something other than the sex-video now, or is she just some random swinger wife Hulk knew?

    Is swinging in California rampant? I have seen so many stories on celebrities getting caught up at swinger parties it is crazy. I want in.

  • ricci_nic

    Hulk is much bigger than I thought he would be, I was thinking all those roids would have shrunk his junk.
    “Karen” Swinging is huge in all states but very big in California and Florida and his sex tapes where made in Florida not California. Heather is just the ex-wife or current not sure if she is still married to one of Hulk’s best friends who went behind his back setting up a camera to film the entire sexual meeting. If you want in on swinger parties it is not hard try a site like C4P or FriendFinder they have tons of swingers.

  • Robin Hoods

    I was waiting for him to put his hand to his ear after he was done making the sex tapes with Heather. That would have just been awesome!

  • Kickin’ It Poker

    Hulk Hogan needs to choose his friends better. That Bubba the Sponge guy is a complete tool, you can tell by the way he talks. Almost every word out of his month sounds like a lie.

  • Bane

    I want to download the Hulk Hogan porn videos is it in the members area still? I also heard there is another one of him and his ex-wife Linda… Is that true?

  • Awesome

  • Lawyer Up Gawker

    Gawker will win the sex tape lawsuit in the federal court of appeals, they already threw it out back to the state level once and win Hulk Hogan wins in the state of Florida… Gawker will of course appeal to the federal courts. Hulk is doing nothing but wasting money on attorneys fee’s.

  • My Name Goes Here

    This is considered breaking news today 11/18/15 and you guys reported it after the leak of his tapes showed up, looks like main stream media is a bit behind. lol “A Tampa police investion accuses Matt Loyd of stealing the Hulk Hogan sex tape and extorting the pro wrestling legend. Loyd, who went by the name of Spiceboy on Bubba The Love Sponge’s radio show, is accused of stealing several sex DVDs from Bubba’s office and then eventually selling clips from the tape to TMZ. Police also allege that Loyd contacted sex tape broker Keith Davidson to “engage in the extortion” of Hogan.”

  • Danny

    They are dragging out the Gawker trial in court like crazy. so many appeals it is crazy!

  • Rory McKleen

    Looks like Hogan may own Gawker when this is all said and done.

  • Emiliono Pinckney

    The tape is actually kind of funny, after watching it you notice that Hulk just pounds on Bubba’s wife for about 5 minutes then gets up and says “whew that was awesome girl and praises her for the good piece of ass he just got.” It looked as though this is not the first time he had slept with her in my opinion… This swinger relationship looked like it had been going on for a long time and Bubba just thought to himself hey, he is sleeping with my wife, I may as well get mine and recorded it.

  • Cali Lovin’

    You really can’t tell from watching the tape but Heather Clem the #Milf #Wife Hogan is having sex with is actually pretty damn hot….. Notch one up for the Hulkster!!!

  • ExGayTherapyKills

    White Trash Hulk

  • Brian P.

    HAHAHA Hulk Hogan with the help of his billionaire buddy bankrupted Gawker… So damn funny. The tape is not even that great. I watch the entire thing. Bubba the love sponges ex-wife was sexy as fuck though for sure. I would have fucked her any second.