Janet has been busted when she was caught sunbathing in the nude by a sneaky paparazzi and they say they have the Janet Jackson sex tape video content to prove it. After finding out about the video Janet was said to go straight to her attack dog attorneys and tried to have the paps arrested, but nothing has come from that as of yet.

We think that seeing Janet’s kitty cat live on video is just awesome for sure as Janet is said to massage her breasts and shaved kitty thinking she was alone while sunbathing butt ass naked in her back yard. The masturbation video is also said to be very real and you can see Janet start to jerk around a bit while she rubs herself very fast. Who knew Janet had such a big well… ya know? LOL! We have not seen the video as of yet but will definitely report on it after we take a look for ourselves.

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  • Tyrone B

    I be snaggin and tappin dat ass while Micheal be up stairs tuggin one off! HA!

  • Busted

    Janet has one meaty looking pussy. I don’t like her boobies though they look weird. When will a full sex tape leak of Janet Jackson? I want to see her in action!

  • Tyler pee

    I had such a big crush on Janet when I was kid. She grew up to be finer than a Mo Fo!

  • Tyreese

    Janets fine chocolate skinnes azz iz da bomb! Would luv to tags dat pink in da pinks!!

  • Sev

    Man JanetJackson is a whole lotta fine!

  • Drunk Donkey

    Janet Jackson ain’t doing shit now that she has a Qatari billionaire husband, Wissam Al Mana. I did see the naked photo scandal of her in the back yard of her house rubbing lotion on all her parts and paying real good attention to her private parts, all while the paparazzi was hiding in the trees. Simply awesome!

  • Dog Handler

    Janet Jackson is such a diva… have you ever heard all the request she has anytime she is on set?.. it is crazy. I have read through multiple sources including TMZ that she is very difficult to work with and please. Even the producers of Poetic Justice said it was “very difficult working with her on set because of the demands”. Let’s face it, the only reason that she is so famus is because of her brother Michael god rest his soul. The entire family is always bickering and fighting over money. Some may say they would want to live the life of the rich and famous, personally I would not want all the drama and back stabbing that comes along with the deal.