Jelena is a hot young and extremely popular actress from Croatia that has been caught up in the Jelena Veljaca sex tape video making round on the net.

Jelena is also best known for staring in Croatian shows like “Love in the Offside”, “Villa Maria” and for writing script for “Ordinary people” TV Series. In 2006 she got assignment to write for the Croatian edition of Survivor.

In December 2006 Jelena got huge publicity because of the Jelena Veljaca sex tape video that leaked into public. Jelena said it’s not her on tape and that it was made for blackmailing her for money. Our question to that response is who would be dumb enough to try and blackmail with something they know is not true… we call bulls**t on Jelena and can say without a doubt that the video seems to be her for sure.

Jelena’s sex tape starts with pure hardcore action from the first second to the last featuring her sucking and licking balls and well pretty much anything a good chick does… She do it very good to and camera is near so we have nice close shots. Calls to Jelena’s reps also said the same bs story that the video was used as blackmail.

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  • Tyrone B

    she can put my 15 inch maglite in her mouf any days

  • callme:)

    The Jelena Veljaca Sex Tape Video is my favorite. Dont know why, she just does something for me. The Kim K video is good too but Im just tired of looking and hearing about her. Now Janet Jackson, HELL YEAH!

  • Rubio

    More Euro Sex Tapes, yessssssss!

  • Marley

    Jelena Veljaca having sex on video isn’t even a scandal in Europe. Only the Americans who are too stuffy about sex is it a scandal at all. What Americans call porn we call art house movies in Europe

    • Jacob Ladder

      There is something about the anglo women of Europe that just turns me right the f on!! Porn, art house, as long as it’s Jelena Veljaca I really don’t give two f’s

  • Ucovich

    Ah you have Croatia! I love!!

  • Call me Scratch

    It’s a shame she doesn’t have a bigger name in Hollywood.

    • Zed

      I don’t think the bitch speaks English. That’ll keep you out of Hollywood faster than shit!!

      • Fischer

        I, for one, could care less if she speaks English. Her mouth works just fine without talking at all

    • Them Bones

      That’s a mis-perception that only in Hollywood can you be successful in show biz. India, Hong Kong, and parts of Europe all have thriving movie business’. Jelena Veljaca is smart and sexy . . . Hollywood needs her more than she needs it.

  • Aaple

    That’s why I love coming here. This is where I can come to discover true up and comers especially those you’ll never hear about because they are outside of the US.

    • Bea

      Oh hell yeah. Case in point – Jelena Veljaca. I would have never discovered her outside of here.