22 year old Jennette McCurdy who is super famous for her role as Sam Puckett on the Nickelodeon sitcom “iCarly” and the spin-off series “Sam & Cat” has been caught up in recent talk about her sex tape with her former boyfriend NBA star Andre Drummond… who is frikin’ HUGE we might add. Though we can confirm that she most definitely was a part of the recent ICloud hacking scandal that leaked a bunch of naughty sexy photos meant for Andre (we think that Andre leaked the photos himself and just blamed the could)… However, as far as a tape is concerned so far it’s a no go and the sites that are claiming to have it are lying out of their asses unfortunately.

The video in question made its rounds on sites like of course PornHub and XVideos labeled as the Jennette McCurdy scandalous interracial sex tape video with tons of sites also claiming it is the real deal. Though it was a girl that looked a lot like Jennette we can confirm it is not. The video that everyone is geeking over like we said shows a girl that looks like her taking it like a complete porn star… oh wait, this girl is a porn star, we just have not been able to identify her.

We have reached out to both PornHub and XVideos but thus far they have not gotten back with us. We also put in a call to Jennette’s PR team and they did contact us back with the following statement. “The videos that are claiming to be Jennette McCurdy are not her and will be treated as a defamation of character lawsuit to anyone that labels the videos as such.” Well there ya go straight from the horses mouth.

UPDATE – More exposed photos have leaked of Jennette probably “leaked” yet again by her ex basketball lover Andre Drummond (yes we are jealous) and we must say the girl has grown up big time… we would let her kick our ass any day.

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.
  • Mindy

    Every parent and kid on the planet knows Jennette McCurdy as Sam….. These famous celebrities that focus on kids shows should have to sign a contract of some sort that they will lose all residual income if a scandal leaks to the web. I bet then all these celebs would stop leaking all their nude pictures and sex tapes.

  • William.Wright

    I heard about this on Yahoo Celebrity yup she had a bunch of very racy photos leak a bit ago and now the talk about the sex tape with that big ass black dude. Have you seen the pics of those two out and about? I mean her head only reaches his waist, she was probably blowing him standing up. I am not sure who is going to date Jennette after that big ass black dude has done ruined it for everyone else. LOL!

    • Tony-Right

      Yup, I have seen the same nude stuff of Jennette McCurdy and agree. Her boyfriend is huge and she is so small it just looks weird. Jennette needs to stay away fro guys over 6’5″ when she herself is only like 5′. It is kinda like watching midget porn.

  • Dancer

    You can tell she is a little freak. I looked at her ex Andre and you are right that guy is a giant, he probably broke her little ass.

  • Zane Holders

    Jennette always plays a tough girl in all the shows she has ever been on, I would say that she can handle this Andre guy and his junk… hell she probably owned his ass in the relationship. But yeah she is going to be hard pressed on finding someone to fill those size 16 shoes.

  • Stephen R Johnson

    I like Jennette’s exposed nude content very much.

  • Bain

    Isn’t Jennette underage?

    • Peggy

      She is 22 now and has been “of age” for a while now. Even towards the end of I-Carly she was over eighteen. She did the naughty stuff just last year meaning she would have been 21 years old.

  • Kimmy Schmidt

    I can not believe the type of men that Jennette dates 7′ basketball players?! Really? She is like what 5’5″ it just looks weird. I looked at her personal website @ and it only shows her social accounts. Has she done anything other than just the Icarly and sam & cat stuff?

  • Monday Blues

    She has been in a ton of stuff *Kimmy* Just a quick search of Jennette McCurdy showed:

    Movies: Shadow Fury, My Daughter’s Tears, Hollywood Homicide, Taylor Simmons, Breaking Dawn, Tiger Cruise, See Anthony Run, Against Type, The Last Day of Summer, Minor Details, Fred, Best Player, The Death and Return of Superman, Snowflake, White Gorilla, Ice Age – Continental Drift, Swindle, Almost Heroes 3D, The Goree Girls

    Tele: MADTV, CSIM, Malcolm in the Middle, Karen Sisco, Strong Medicine, Law & Order, Medium, Judging Amy, The Inside, Over There, Zoey 101, Will & Grace, Close to Home, Lincoln Heights, True Jackson, VP, The Penguins of Madagascar, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, Glenn Martin – DDS, Big Time Rush, Cupcake Wars, BrainSurge, Victorious, Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures, Figure It Out, Camp Orange – Girls VS Boys, Ben and Kate, Sam & Cat, The Birthday Boys, Between and of course iCarly.

    So as you can see Jennette has been in quite a bit of stuff for such a young age. I also think that it does not matter who she dates as long as it makes her happy ;)

    • Mark Little

      A 7′ black man would make any woman happy. HA!

  • Luke Thomas

    You got that right @Mark Little… I am so surprised at the type of men that Jennette McCurdy likes, I would have never thought she liked dating the brothers.