During her crazy Playboy days that started around 1994 Jenny McCarthy made the Jenny McCarthy sex tape video with about 13+ other playmates on a secluded beach after getting high as shit on ecstasy. The story goes Jenny one of the Playboy playmate centerfolds and 13 other Playboy girls where on the private Playboy bunny plane heading to a secluded beach and while on the plane they popped just a few too many ecstasy hits and started to get horny as shit, so what did they do?… They all started making out (eating each-other out and stuff that a girl can do to another girl) LOL!

There was one male with all those girls and he unfortunately did not get to jump into the action (rules are rules at Playboy!). The video supposedly leaked by a private still un-named individual in the early part of 2004 and is said to be one of the sexiest sex tape videos of all time bar none! Wow… that is a bold statement, however we believe with 13 Playboy girls all having sex on a beach with each other high on drugs, yeah that would do it for sure.

There is also video said to be of Jenny and an ex-boyfriend made around the same time during her career with Playboy that is super hot of the super hot couple at a hotel going at it like a couple of rabbits in heat, however the video quality was not that good and the video run time was only about 15min. The male in the video is said to be a full blown porn star that was well known for his size in the lower area ;)

Calls to McCarthy’s reps have been returned: “We understand there is video out there and Jenny said for us to say she enjoys sex, so what?!” That is what we like to hear!!!!

UPDATE – See we told you we where not bull shitting as Jenny verified the rumors of the nude lesbian playmate orgy on the beach in her new book. HA!

UPDATE – Jenny McCarthy can now be added to the list of celebs recently affected by the ICloud hacking scandal that has leaked thousands of nude celeb photos and video. When Jenny was asked about the pics in question she replied “ain’t no big deal, everyone has already seen me naked anyways.” Ah, how we love Jenny!