That’s right another American Idol sex tape scandal has been leaked titled the Jessica Sierra sex tape porn video featuring some of the craziest stuff we have seen on a celebrity sex tape and now released to the public by non other than Vivid Celeb The video came out shortly after her run to be the next American Idol and in the video you can hear her say she wants some Kim Kardashian money for this s**t, talking of course about the tape of all tapes to ever leak. LOL

Jessica shot the sex tape in a cheap motel 6 in Florida with 2 other men and a woman that is the spitting image of Paula Abdul (Paula says that it is not her in the video with Jessica in the motel room).  The scandal also rocked the American Idol show hitting the media like a wildfire out of control and ratings shot through the already very high roof.

Jessica is very freaky in this video and takes it in pretty much every hole she possibly can and completely satisfies everyone in the room with several partners at the same time taking a bath in-between several rounds of going at it like dogs in heat. Of course this is not the first American Idol sex tape to leak as there was as no one can forget, the Olivia Mojica video that drove people mad.

Calls to Jessica’s reps have not been returned to us as of yet and we doubt they will call us back on this one.