Jodie Marsh is known as a very sexy glamour model, body builder and former Playmate for Playboy but recently on a revenge porn TLC documentary she may be known for the Jodie Marsh sex tape with her husband after the hacker gained access the tapes on her computer. It all went down as ethical hacker Ken Monroe gained access to her pc and then showed the file he found most interesting that just so happened to be a sex tape of Jodie and her husband James Placido.

The tape shows Jodie giving head to her man while wearing a nice little white robe and a yellow bra and then gets real serious as she mounts her man James and starts to grind away and removes her bra to expose those huge tits of hers. Asked later about the video that was shown on national tv she replied: “I am glad he stopped playing the video as it gets pretty dirty and there is hours of it on my pc. I guess it is time to clean those up in case I get hacked for real.” Jodie is no stranger to nude scandals as she has posed for playboy and several times took to Twitter and Instagram posting naked photos. The only part that sucks about this scandal that has gone viral is that the actual full video is not available no matter what sites like Pornhub and Xvideos try to make you think otherwise.

Her husband was asked about the videos in question and he replied: “What couple has not made a sex tape with each other? It just so happens that everyone knows now that we have one for sure.”

[UPDATE] – We have contacted Jodie’s team and asked to purchase the tapes in question for $250k plus profit sharing, but as of yet have not received a reply back on our offer. Though we keep our fingers crossed that the sexy bodybuilder will go for it!

[UPDATE] – There is also video said to be of Jodie and Calum Best from back in or around 2003 that shows the at the time couple having sex in a hotel room that features full blown hardcore sex that even includes a “money shot” that gets in her eye. We looked at the video and can not say for sure that the woman in the video is Jodie but we had no doubt that it was Calum and the film was recorded around the exact same time they where together. If you remember Calum dated Lindsay Lohan and was said to get caught getting a blowjob by Lindsay in the VIP section of a night club during one of the many drunkin’ nights Lindsay had in the past.

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  • Mary

    Celebrities can not be this dumb to think that their sex tapes will not sooner or later be found out and leaked to the web. I would almost bet money that this was a set up anyways as TLC is known to do things that cause scandal thus improving their ratings.

  • Jag Man

    You hit the nail on the head it is all about ratings and leaked sex scandals leads that pack with creating ratings. Look at Kim Kardashian, she was nothing more than a friend of Paris Hilton before her tape with Ray J hit and overnight made her family one of the most powerful marketing platforms in Hollywood. All these celebs leaking, showing and talking about their tapes know exactly what they are doing, it is called marketing and PR firms know that. I guess it is a win win for everyone though, the celeb gets the media coverage and we get to see them naked doing the nasty.

  • Surface Network

    I could care less if she meant to do it or not watching Jodie get her sex on with them tiggo bitties bouncing around like a couple of balloons is just fine with me.

  • Benny L.

    LOL, She freaked out when she saw that the guy found her porn videos. That is some funny shit.

  • Foxy

    I watched the episode on TLC where the guy found her sex tapes this is a true story. Jodie wigged out after the hacker started to play it and said she had hours of video with her husband “having fun” and could not belive he was able to hack into her computer that fast. haha