Cardona was a singer for TB3 but has since been fired because of the Johanna Cardona sex tape video recently leaked that caused a huge scandal.

Her ex-boyfriend, Oscar Crespo, was upset about their breakup and threatened to release the video that was shot on his mobile phone if she didn’t come back to him but then apparently sold the phone and forgot that the sex tape was on it… or at least that is what he said happen.

The video shows Cardona and her man Oscar going at it like a couple rabbits for about 15min with a full finish to the face if you get our drift.

Cardona said that she knows damn well that Oscar leaked the video on purpose to hurt her reputation and can’t believe that he would stoop so low to providing a private moment for all to see. We have seen this happen several times in the past and bad for her but good for us the video is live and uncut for our viewing pleasure.

Calls to Cardona have not been returned and we have not been able to figure out who her reps are though we already know how she feels about the sex tapes from what she told reporters.