Here is the Senator John Edwards sex tape video info you have all been waiting for… On the video, both participants are naked. Hunter is propped up against the hotel bed headboard, with John Edwards belly-down on the bed between her legs.

As Hunter, the campaign’s official videographer, holds the camera, a smiling Edwards performs oral sex. Because of the camera angle, Hunter’s face is not visible, but her distinctive jewelry is.

Not only does candidate Edwards know he’s being filmed, one source says, he’s also clowning around and “graphically performing for the camera.” Say Cheese!

[UPDATE] – Prosecutors Monday asked the federal judge overseeing the upcoming criminal trial of Sen. John Edwards to limit how much jurors can be told about the legal fight over a sex-tape featuring the former presidential candidate. Both sides agreed at a pre-trial hearing that the video made by Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter should not be shown to jurors deciding whether the Democrat is guilty of campaign finance violations.

However, John Edwards’ team argued they should be free to question former campaign aide Andrew Young about inconsistent testimony he gave after Hunter sued him in state court to regain possession of the tape. The attorneys hope to use that testimony to undercut his credibility.

Young, who initially claimed paternity of the child Edwards fathered with Hunter, helped hide the pregnant mistress from the public during the 2008 presidential primary. He is now expected to be a key witness against his former boss.

Hunter sued Young and his wife in 2010 over control of the celebrity sex tape, which had been left at a property controlled by Young. He found the tape and later described it in a bestselling memoir.

Prosecutors said Monday that U.S. District Court Judge – “Catherine C. Eagles” should strictly limit what can be said about the sex tape porn case during Edwards’ criminal trial. To do otherwise, they argued, could allow Edwards’ lawyers to launch a “trial within a trial” strategy, using issues involving the sex tape to unfairly attack the government’s witness and confuse the jury.

Hunter and Young agreed to a civil settlement last month that requires all copies of the sex tape in possession of the North Carolina court to be destroyed. However, it has been suggested in court documents that Young previously gave a copy of the tape to federal investigators.

Prosecutors reaffirmed that they have no intention of playing the sex tape in court, but suggested they may have to describe contents of the film to jurors if defense attorneys question Young about testimony in the civil case.

That presents a dilemma for Edwards’ defense team, if the potential damage to Young’s credibility outweighs the possible harm to Edwards in describing the tape to jurors. Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth, was dying of cancer when the video was made.

There is also new video that has said to hit the net and available for public viewing now by a source that had a copy of the video along with some other exposed content of John on disc.

Ahh to be in politics!

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  • mandrick

    Fuck this crooked ass senator!! He needs to be at the bottom of the ocean with the rest of the politicians! The crooks these days wear 3 piece suits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Moonraper

      What do you call a canyon full of dead politicians? A good start. Ha ha ha!!! (And yes I know the joke’s supposed to be about lawyers but this works too)

  • Video_kid

    Scum of the earth right there no desire to see his c*&k!!!

    • loll

      . . . or his tongue!!

  • Seventensplit

    It was only a matter of time that a politician gets busted with a sex tape. Way to blaze the path for fuure sex craved congressman John Edwards!

  • Julie Coolie

    John Edwards sex scandal! Yep definitely a scandal. Not only did he make this thing while his wife was dying of cancer but now that she’s dead and gone he’s continued to pork ol’ Hunter. Well shit on second thought that could very well be a good thing since undoubtedly they’ve probably continued their love affair with a camera in the bedroom. More salacious content coming soon?

  • Matheson

    So how was he acquitted of any wrong doing in 2012 when he admittedly used campaign finances to cover up the extra-marital affair?

    • @saub

      Oh I’m sure the jury was bought and paid for by more of the same campaign money : ). Actually reportedly Andrew Young lied for him but no “proof” of campaign money was ever used to cover up the affair. All a crock a shit, no doubt.

  • xman

    John Edwards says cheese! Right into the camera no less too. Oh well you know it was just a matter of time when an elected official gets busted in a scandal involving sex on video. Who loves them more but the politicians themselves?

  • Jmews

    Ah hell I think it’s utterly fantastic! Americans are all so uppity about the sex that it takes a scandal of this magnitude to start to really open things up about why that is so.

    • Panzer

      Sure! I think it’s a fantastic tape. So the Senator likes to eat the snatch. Good!! We need more of that in stuffy Washington.

      • butts

        The court case was more of a joke than his political career. That says a lot!

  • moves_poorly

    II friggin love John Edwards!!! Eliot Spitzer, that congressman Weiner dude (best name ever!) none of their scandals even come close to the John Edwards fiasco! The guy said to Hunter “Hey after my bitch ass wife kicks the can we can do this all we want. Now back to munchin some of this rug”

    • Conraty12

      Pretty hilarious! Ironically not too far from the truth though. LMAO!

  • Mary

    Give me sex scandals over the bombings of all the earth any day.

  • loll

    Sex and scandal aside how the hell do you live with yourself after you’ve humiliated your wife on the public stage right up until her death . . . and beyond?!

  • basic_7

    It’s really has become a non-story these days. I’m glad to find it here. Just ensures that what he did doesn’t go away anytime soon.