The John Mayer sex tape video with Jessica Simpson is said to be one that could very well go down in history as one of the best ever according to verified reports (Playboy).

The video features John Mayer who for some reason sleeps with all the best looking celebrities in the industry including Jessica Simpson was caught on tape from a MacBook Pro video recording device. John said he forgot it was on after a chat session on some local rock gigs.

John bragged that Jessica was a firecracker in the sack and wanted to show his close buddies what he was talking about, however unfortunately for John the video leaked to the net after an email was sent with the video. Jessica has also been quoted: “He is an absolute beast in bed”

Calls to John’s reps have not been returned… However in an interview with Playboy magazine recently he said the exact same thing he had told his pals that “Jessica was a absolute firecracker in the sack.”

[UPDATE] – There have been recent sex tapes post of John Mayer and several other grade A list celebs and random sexy chicks after reports of his cell phone was stolen, all in all there is said to be about 3hrs of video and over 200 pictures. We have to ask… how the hell does he do it?!!

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  • sugar britches

    John Mayer the accidental racist! Nah I don’t think he is a white supremacist really. Just decided that it’d be funny to use the word n*gger one day (Michael Richards anyone?)

    • Power lunch

      He said he was trying to intellectualize the word. Now he apologized publicly for it. But still that just makes him seem more holy than thou. Because he feels he’s John Mayer he’s able to make words intelligent.

      • Power lunch

        Ol Kramer on the other hand is a different story. He got his ass handed to him from a heckler as he was trying his hand in comedy. Yeah stick to acting brother. It’s too hot in the kitchen around the comedy circuit for you.

  • malia

    How many women has he been linked with? There are just too many cameras around now for him not to have been busted with some kind of video. Plus he’s known as a kiss and tell kind of guy. If so he’d want nothing better than to see a tape of himself doing the nasty.

  • Maybel

    His cell phone was stolen? I bet more like his cell was given! He happens to be a guy with no shame. He put all of his nude pics and sex exploits on his phone, and then it just so happened to be stolen?! Sounds a little too convenient to me.

    • Someday

      My phone is full of stuff that aren’t for prying eyes. Our cell phones have become an extension of ourselves. I’m sure a musician like John Mayer had tons of music stuff and yes back stage groupies all over his phone. People have been trying to raid the private lives of celebrities for years. It’s perfect sense people have stolen his phone and will probably try so again

  • Tyrece

    John Mayer on Chappel show. That boy can play!!

    • Vogue5

      I caught his show at a small dive where he wasn’t even supposed to be playing. I turn around and it’s John Mayer playing for everybody at the bar. It was the most kick ass thing I’ve ever been a part of

  • SamIam

    He’s an A lister celeb now. He’s been known to be trumping around with Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Anniston, and I think Miley Cyrus. Gotta give it to him – he’s got some great taste in the ladies!

    • Farmers Son

      Also Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. The list goes on. Gotta get me a guitar yo!

  • Flashing

    Shiiit who has he not dated? When you got it, you’ve got it!

  • Jacob

    John Mayer has a phobia for ugly women. Don’t believe me? If you’re ugly and womanly go up to him and see what happens. He’ll be poppin xanex til next Tuesday

  • Jerry Fell

    I’ve never seen this guy without his guitar. Well maybe not when he’s bumping uglies, but he’s good for a reason. Loves to practice

  • John

    I’m a huge fan of this guy. He’s been on stage with all of the greats starting with BB King. He’s never not shown love to his idol the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn.