Julia Alexandratou is a very well known Greek pop star that released the famous single “The Target Is Cash”. Alexandratou can also be remembered by most males for her cover spread in Playboy magazine. However, now she will go down in the history books as another celebrity that had a nasty sextape video “leak” to the internet!

The Julia Alexandratou sex tape video is more of a professional porn than a celebrity sex-tape, however since Alexandratou is considered a celebrity we decided to post the video footage for you.

The video runs about 45 minutes long and was made professionally with HD equipment. Not only does the video look like a pro she does as well.

Julia had second thoughts about letting the footage go live, however the producer was not about to let her change his mind.

[UPDATE] – Julia is trying to act pissed off about her sex video footage leaking to the internet telling paparazzi that she never intended for the video to go public…

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  • Luke Big D

    Damn this chick is hot! I must say she takes it doggystyle better than any chick I have seen. Question… the sex tape seems to be of professional quality like a real porn, is that right? Either way good view and thanks!

  • 2FAST4U


  • The Duke

    Sooooo you enter into a porn contract, set up a studio, shoot said porn, and then get all huffy when it gets released? (cough) Bullshit!

  • Blackamus Rex

    Her birth name is Garyfallia Alexandratou. So yeah if I was a woman and my name was “Gary” I’d change that shit to Julia too. Smart move girly!

  • Curls on Fire

    She was pissed about the release of this thing? First off honey you have nothing to be p.o.ed about. Second how pissed could you have possibly have been? You have two now!!

  • Crazy J’s

    How I love them Euro girls!! This one is probably the most gorgeous of all of em

  • MarshaMarshaMarsha

    The reason she isn’t considered a porn star is because in Europe, where they aren’t so bougie about the sex, it’s considered art films.

  • mankind

    I love coming here : ) I find all the good dirt on all of my celebs around the world even

  • Sing Sing

    Ahhhh Julia Alexandratou is such a piece of pie

    • Sing Sing

      Of course with Vanilla ice cream

      • Miss Piggy

        Psycho stalker much?

  • EdtheDead

    You know you’re a hottie if you’ve made the cover of Playboy magazine. Hef (who no doubt probably got up on some o’ this beauty queen) you are indeed my hero!

  • Escrima

    Oh look my next ex wife!