Ok girls you can scream now! Justin Bieber is said to have some very naked exposed video of himself and some girl named Mariah Yeater that now claims to have been knocked up by Justin in video she says is the first Justin Bieber sex tape video.

Mariah Yeater claims that she and Bieber hooked up after a concert in a bathroom at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and she has the video to prove it! Stating the video shows the two in full blown sex acts for about 15min.

This has now become a huge PR nightmare for the Bieber team and though Justin claims his innocence as a hardcore Christian, talks of either suing or a quick settlement are in the works.

Justin is dating well known Selena Gomez and the rumors are that Selena has dumped his ass after this new information has leaked to the public, however Selena has said that they are just having some personal issues.

[UPDATE] – The lawsuit against Bieber has been quietly dismissed and Bieber has also called off the dogs against Mariah. Selena Gomez has said the two are together now and happy! However calls to Justin’s reps about the Justin Bieber sex tape video has not been responded to as of yet though people that have seen the video say that it is authentic. Bieber has also had some pictures with Selena at the beach where you can see the two playing with eachother in the lower area in the water laughing it up having a great time. Ahh to be a young gazillionair.

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  • Yen


  • Alabama Guy

    Justin looks like a little bitch. Really just look at the dude, wait, maybe he is not a he at all. hmmm

    • tony toni tone

      He straight up does look like a chick, I can’t see what the ladies see in this kid? I am built like a shit brick house and can’t get women to even look at me half the time. Yet this little shit has women that have never even met him crying? That my friend is fucked up. You ladies want some good naked picks and video just hit me up and I will send you some of what a real alphamale looks like nude ;)

      • bridget

        I will tell you why women like him and fall over for him and you can’t seem to get the time of day from girls…. it is because of guys like you that think you are king shit and treat people like shit. A woman wants a man that is in touch with his feelings and does good for other people. I know guys like you and see them all the time doing whatever they can to impress a chick. it is just sad, guys like you are the ones that leak all these sex tapes. However, women will always fall for dicks like you but remember we will end up with men like Justin and you will just be some old fat fart in a retirement home.

        Enjoy Your life.

  • Stephy_J

    That bitch is lying there is no way Bieber would ever fall for some tramp like that let alon take her into the bathroom and lose his virginity. He is a Christan boy and raised better than that. Please let that bitch be a lyer.

    I Love You Justin XOXOXOX

  • teens rule!

    I think Justin bieber is a stud, why you may ask yourself? Oh yeah he is banging Selena Gomez that’s why!

    Enough Said.

  • bieber fan

    I would have to agree with Teens on this one for sure. Selena Gomez is so fucking hot. He is so lucky to be tagging that cute little Disney ass. I want to be famous damit.

  • M6

    Have you seen the cars that Bieber drives? I think you could put anyones ass in one of those bad boys and pussy would just hit it like a magnet. See people if you have money you get the chicks if you don’t well….. you have to work really hard at it instead of them just falling over themselves to get your pee pee.


    I dont know if that chick is telling the truth or not but I myself do not want to see Justin Bieber naked. It would be like seeing a 10 year olds body on some sexy ass chickadee, just don’t seem right to me.


  • Raiders

    Justin looks like a girl, I am going to bet sooner or later he comes out as gay. LOL

  • danny

    Can someone send me the video I lost my card so can’t whatch it so can someone add me on facebook my name is ahmad haddad and I dont have a pic on it send plz fast

  • SamIam

    Justin Bieber?! What kind of sex tape could he possibly have in the first place? The guy just hit puberty yesterday.

  • RoscoePeecoTrain

    No for the love of everything holy! No one wants to see that half man half woman naked!!!

  • Luke

    I wish Justin would just come out of the closet already, he would make a great addition to the gay community.