Rumors have this ‘private sex tape video’ being stolen from Playboy Playmate and Hugh Hefner pretend girlfriend, Karissa Shannon, by Hills bon vivant, Spencer Pratt, during the course of a party, then into the hands of the Vivid porn empire, and ultimately, endorsed by Karissa Shannon, and boyfriend-boink partner, Sam Jones III. Got all that? Cynical minds might say this video was conceived with just that financial purpose in mind.

The Karissa Shannon sex tape video is one that has been said to be one of the better celebrity sex tapes ever made and made available from Vivid Karissa and her boyfriend Sam Jones III used a good quality camcorder to record themselves having sex on tape all day/night long. Karissa does it all and Sam… he is one lucky guy for sure as Karissa is super hot! You can see Sam Jones pulling Karisa’s hair doggy-style while smacking her tight little ass… very good. Karissa even goes down on him while he is trying to drive and he remarkably stays in his own lanes LOL!

Calls to Karissa’s reps have been returned and said “The sex tapes of Karissa are real and we are working on a deal as of this very minute” Good Deal!

[UPDATE] – 5/23/2011 – There is now another verified sex tape video of Karissa and sexy friend Heidi Montag having sex on tape for about an hour that was taken and copied by Spencer and is now being shopped to the highest bidder. The deal is very close to being done according to sources. This will be one of the best celebrity sex tape videos ever, we have no doubt about it!

Bryan here from the great city of Seattle, WA and you probably know me as the longtime owner of SexTape.com. I will be covering celebrity sex scandals in a sfw manor, as this has been my specialty for over 15 years. If you have any questions on any of my reporting or want to simply chat with me, please feel free to hit me up on any of my social media channels. I never bull shit, and always have at least 2 verified sources for my reporting. So before you ask me any dumb questions, read my articles and check my sources for authenticity.
  • kim_love

    Just watched the video here and thought I would give a quick review…

    The sextape is very very very similar to the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sextape video, meaning that the girl Karissa is white and extremely sexy with a young well endowed black man named Sam Jones. The videos first scenes start out the same in a hotel getting prepared to have intercourse playing around having a good time together. Then in an instant the video turns x-rated and Sam wips out his lovely penis and Karissa starts to take care of him WELL lol. There is all positions as well as masturbation and oral.

    The sextape cuts after a while of them having sex to Karissa and Sam driving around. This is one of my favorite parts as Karissa starts to take care of him in the car giving him a hand-job while he plays with her pussy (very nice touch!).

    The video then cuts to them back at the hotel and Karissa has put on a very nice black leather outfit with a whip and becomes a dominatrix. Sam gets the sex of his life I am assuming as she dominates his large manhood.

    After all is said and done I would say this is a spitting image of the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sextape and as you guys know Kim is my favorite ;) So did I like it… absolutely!


    • SexTape Admin

      We agree with you 100% the Karissa Shannon sextape is a spitting image of the way the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sextapes were filmed.

      Great review kim_love, keep it up!

    • bridget

      Yeah no shit good review there man.

  • Celebrity Girl Gossip Chick

    I heard Karissa Shannon got some nasty little bug from Sam Jones, is that true?

    Is Karissa’s pussy ruined for ever?

    If so… what a shame and waste of such a hot ass chick.

  • celebcop

    OMG Karissa Shannon is so fucking hot, my god. I like her sex tapes with Sam more than I like the Kim Kardahsian videos.

  • web.com

    Sam is one lucky black dude. Karissa was like one of the best looking chicks in Playboy and when her sex tapes leaked I was happy as a fat kid sitting in front of unlimited cake.

    • Ronnie_H

      Yeah he is this is one of the better homemade interracial sex videos I have seen. Loved it!!!!!

  • christie_p

    yeah, she is a hottie

  • smith&wesson

    I like the Karissa Shannon sex taps better than the Kim Kardashian sex tapes. The part where she is the dominatrix is simply amazing. That girl knows how to work shit out for sure!

  • Beast

    I remember when Kristina and Karissa Shannon both stayed at the Playboy mansion playmates and where Heffs little toys models. They said they both slept with him at the same time many times. Wouldn’t it be a little weird to have sex with your twin sister?

  • doorme

    Guys I know these girls and can tell you right now they are total sluts, both of them. I went to school in Florida with them while they where there. They slept with a different dude like almost every day. I am surprised there is not like a 1000 sex tape videos of them banging different dudes. They only use their looks and pussies to get a head. Pun intended ;)

    • crazy dave

      Your just pissed that you are the only fucker they did not sleep with LOL!!!!!!

      • doorme

        Your Right ;(

  • FONZ

    I like this video very much, thank you for telling about it.

  • Chris Harrington

    The Shannon sisters will beat your ass if you piss them off they have been charged with battery a few times for fighting.

    • John-E

      They can beat my ass any day! giggle

  • FOUR!

    Sam is hung like a horse! He is a huge BBC, makes white guys jealous ;(

    • mad

      It is not the size of the pecker it is how it is used.

      • extosy

        Don’t let people lye to you, size matters for any woman.

  • Wood

    I like this sex tapes very much as well.

  • groupia

    I want watch video now, where get it from?

    • reporters

      Just click on the big link that says “Watch Videos Now” goofy!

    • yoda

      Mother fucker sounds like Yoda from Star Wars LMFAO!!!!!!!

      • Lou_Chen