Could there be a Royal Kate Middleton sex tape video with Prince William? From recent reports that is a big PROBABLY!

As we all know recently the Euro paparazzi caught nude content of Kate and William at a secluded France beach and sold it to Closer.co.uk whose site has been down now for a long time after being threatened with legal action from the Royal Palace. Here is where it gets juicy, according to Alfonso Signorini owner of Closer said after being threatened by the Palace that the content posted was very tame compared to what other content they had received. When asked what could be worse the reply was “video of certain acts being performed”. Oh Snap!

We will of course update you on any new developments as they come in.

[UPDATE] – Kate was asked by paparazzi about her nude footage shot on the private beach with Prince William and she replied “Try and get some class you ass hole”. Well that was not very princess like.

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  • Cute Bum

    HOLY CRAP! Ok now the queen is really pissed off! Where was the Royal security team on this one???

  • ricky

    hahahaha busted!

    • Anon

      I know right…..

  • R-Load

    First Prince Harry caught naked in a Vegas Hotel and now Kate and William jerking eachother off on a beach, whats next the queen exposed? The paparazzi out in the UK is no joke man! LOL

  • New York Jets Fan

    The site that leaked all the Kate nude pics has been down ever since the Royal Palace threatoned legal action.

    • accorn_63

      Oh I know dude I tried to go to the Closer site and it has been down for a long time now. Either one the Royal family blocked that site or two they are getting pounded with traffic and the servers could not handle it. They should have known that the buzz on the net was going to be huge! Not very smart on their part if you ask me.

      • route 66

        Looks like someone was not ready for everyone in the world going to their site all at the same time. I think they would have had an issue either way. As for them being down for such a long time, I am guessing that would have something to do with the Palace for sure as they already control the media.


  • yonkers

    Kate has small boobies, what the hell are all these celebrities getting naked in public view if they do not want pictures and video taken? Hint: If you are a celebrity get naked in-doors not out in the open for shit sake. Pretty simple rule to follow.

    • boxtag

      Ya know come to think about it I don’t remember the last time even I was outside naked. I always end up undressing indoors. So yeah agreed, pretty simple rule to follow there sport

  • Sail Away

    For being in the Royal family and supposed to be the great mighty know it all, the Royal family sure has been screwing up a lot latley. However, the issue is that every man, woman and child now has a video recorder on their handheld devices. I see a butt load more sex tape scandals happening in the near future, no doubt.

  • Molly

    Privacy laws sacred? NDAA says no . . . that and fuck you.

  • trial by gun

    Soooo they were at a nude beach, huh. So how did that get passed royal security. I mean unless the Prince pulled rank and said kiss my ass I’m a friggin royal I can be naked with other nudists if I want. But the question begs – so does that mean everybody in your entourage gets naked? Don’t the body guards have to be around at all times? I suppose they could have quarantined the place but then you’d have shit all over the beach from scarying the shit out of the rest of the guests. A sight to see I’m sure

  • Jed_i

    Good for Kate!! Because damn it if the Prince gets naked and the wife doesn’t respond we have a bit of an issue here. Sounds like a healthy loving (mega rich to boot) couple . . . who seems to have a penchant for nude beaches.

  • dropdeadfred

    I don’t see that ending well for Alfonso Signorini. (Alfonso) “You better back off of me or I will show the whole world sex acts performed by the royal couple”. (Royal guards) “Is that a fact?” (Alfonso) “That sure is you sorry mothe . . .!” – Laser from British satellite melts home of Mr Signorini – (Royal guards) “I’m sorry you were saying?”

    • Jeffrey_size10

      OMG that is too damn funny!! Though scary and probably not too far from the truth too

  • Jannatime

    Hey yooooou guys!!!!

    • janekowski

      Uh, yes? Hey you right back