Kate Upton may very well be one of the hottest celebrity sex tapes of all time and now she will go down in history for the Kate Upton sex tape video leaked recently.

The videos reported by several media outlets are said to be very nasty and done in a New York City apartment with an un-known male employee of IMG Models. The video comes across as more playful than anything featuring Kate and the guy joking around while drinking some wine. However after the wine has hit the bottom of the glass the fun begins all recorded on a MacBook Pro that was pointed at the bed recording.

Kate has said that she had no idea the sex was even being recorded and is now seeking legal action.

Kate as we all know was made popular for her cover in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2011, where she shocked the world with one of the most amazing bodies we have ever seen.

[UPDATE] – Another 30min of video supposedly showing Kate with a different individual has also now leaked, so far no word from Kate on what the hell is going on with all this video leaking to the net.

[UPDATE] – Kate Upton is one of the celebrities to have been recently hit by a hacker that was able to download several nude pictures and video of Kate and has released all the content to the public. Kate’s representatives have stated that they are looking into the photos and their best course for legal action for removal. Hurry up fellas before the content is gone forever!! We are…

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  • LOve



    I thought all the male guys that worked for IMG Models where gay? I remember reading this story on Huffington Post they said the same thing that Kate Upton Sex Tape video was being shopped around.

    Kate Upton nude just gets my blood pumping ;)

  • Euro

    Must be nice to be that rich because of a rich uncle that founded Whirlpool Corp. other than that she has not done nothing for herself. Kate Upton’s sex tapes are going to be downloaded and watched by people across the world so no longer does she have to flaunt her nude body everywhere now dammit.

    • celebstuff

      Sounds like someone is bitter here… LOL

  • Philly

    Holy crap I want to marry that girl her body is even better naked than I could imagine. Has Kate had any plastic surgery? Like on her boobs… those things are set perfect. Kate Upton went to school in Florida didn’t she? Wish I would have met her back then as I was out there as well.

  • ryder2012

    Kate Upton sex tape videos are weak as far as celebrity nude videos go in my opinion. Yeah I know you can see some stuff in the video and make out body parts but I rather have something like the Kim Kardashian tapes where she gets the high hard one close up using good recording equiptment. Now that would make for a good flick. Come on Kate hook it up!!!

  • Rockin

    Who is Kate’s Upton new boyfriend now?

    • gold_member

      I am pretty sure she is still super rich and single. Her new scandal is a good one for sure seeing Kate naked is worth every second!

  • Gladiator

    My god could Kate Upton be any hotter?!! I bet if done right she could do another longer more in-depth sex-tape video and it would blow Kim Kardashian away! Kate Upton is much hotter than Kim K in my honest opinion.

  • LoveGun

    One video leaks. Sure I believe it. You were robbed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, boondoggled, snowed. But c’mon, pretty much after that every tape that leaks from there on out is on you. I mean unless I guess if you are a complete klutz and constantly lose shit. But then hey more for us ; )

    • Kelly

      You’re funny

  • Skin Tight Jeans

    Oh shit this fucking girl?!!

  • Skin Tight Jeans

    Watching a girl like her taking it from a mother fucker is enough to give old men a heart attack.

  • Rockin Rex

    Yes!! There needs to be more of this

  • shakal

    kate <3